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Affordable Hair Extensions from CCHairExtensions

Salam ladies.

This post will be helpful to those nonhijabi readers of mine just like my cousin, Raisa. She has been looking all over the town to look for affordable yet quality hair extension for an occasion. Sadly, we never get to buy because those we saw during our window shopping were not good enough. Either they were too stiff or look to unnatural. It was a tiring task to look all over the place because we needed to go from one shop to the other.

So, we both agreed to look at the online shops. As we were browsing, we bounced upon which offers affordable and natural-looking hair extensions. Alas! It was something we've been searching for.

What is amazing about the shop is that they offer extensions at lengths you are looking for. So, it is a plus plus points! Really! They also have them at different hair colours and textures. My cousin's hair is ash blond, so it was an easy feat.

We were looking at the ash blonde section of the shop (can be found here). And there were a lot of textures and lengths available. I don't know which of the available extensions were chosen by my cousin. So yeah. I hope she gets what is best for her.



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