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2014 Wishlist Revisited

Salam belles.

Welcome 2015! 

Ma sha Allaah. I have to practice, like for a whole lot while, on writing 2015 instead of 2014. Did you ever think that 5 is waaaay to far from 1 when typing 2015? Well, I do. And it's kind of a chore. hahaha

Anyways, I always keep a wishlist for each year on my other blog: And everytime I get a wishlist granted, I strike it out and leave some red notes beside it. So, let's revisit my 2014 wishlist here and now.

As you can see, there are several items that hasn't been crashed out yet. They are either a work in progress or hasn't been granted yet.

Again, I am not sharing this to boast or anything. I am sharing this to let you all know that if we set a goal for the year and work hard to get it, there is nothing impossible. However, we cannot always say that those goals can be granted within that year. Sometimes, we just have to wait.

My wishlist has always been as simple as this. In the beginning of the year, I always set a realistic goal for me to strive to get during the year. I've been doing this since I started blogging. And alhamdulillaah, it is a lot helpful especially when you lose motivation at some point.

Have you had a 2014 wishlist? Have you revisited it?



1 comment:

  1. Never made any wishlish. Maybe I did, but I can't remember where I put that piece of paper, maray' kiyapagdungul na hahahaha

    Na where's your 2015 wish list (I agree with you "5" is too far from "1" @_@)


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