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#WHD Hijab Diaries: How To Become A Queen

We all want to be princesses. But who cares about being a princess when you can become more than a queen?

A queen gets all the respect she wants. She has the dignity that noone can surpass. She is the most beautiful among her people. She is free. A queen is a symbol of chastity, good morals and power.

You can be a queen if you really wanted to. You can have the dignity she has and garner the respect she gets. In fact, you can become more than a queen. While a queen is only but a symbol to the kingdom, you are the woman of Islam. That in itself requires more than what a queen should have and should do.

All it requires is to start off by wearing that piece of cloth we all call hijab. 

Darling, no amount of power, wealth and praises can even equal the worth of a Muslimah. Cover that awrah as if it were a diamond deep in the mountains or a pearl covered by a shell in the depth of the ocean.

A queen would only symbolize a certain kingdom. You? A hijabi muslimah? You represent the entire Ummah. That encompasses the Asians, Arabs, Caucasians, Africans, and so on.

On February 1st, let us do the first step to become more than a queen. That is, trying out the beauty of being a hijabi for a day, skipping all the haram for a Muslim to do, and being at the best etiquette.

If you are already a hijabi, good. Continue being so. Do not grow tired wearing the hijab. Please, no. Don't even think about leaving it. Try to let others understand the beauty of being a hijabi. Reach out. You need to. It's is incumbent upon every Muslim to reach out to those who does not understand even if they ignore, boycot or hurt you. Why? Because as a Muslim, you care about your fellow mankind.

If you aren't yet a hijabi but already a Muslim, you really have to give it a shot. You cannot really go on doing what Islam requires if you can't even pass the first step.

If you aren't a hijabi nor a Muslim, don't hesitate to try our daily lifestyle for a day. Who knows, you'll probably love it?

If you are a man, of course you may join World Hijab Day. Remember that a man also has an awrah. A man should dress accordingly too. A man should have a lowering gaze - everytime. You may also invite your friends and family to try hijab on.

We all have a role to play. This event is not just an invitation to try the hijab, but to understand Islam. It is not a celebration but a call to awareness.

Go ahead and make the first move. You can reach thousands by just a click. How?

  1. Hashtag #WorldHijabDay or #WHD in your posts. 
  2. Write blogposts if you are a blogger on how you love hijab.
  3. Share the fanpage World Hijab Day to your friends.
  4. Lastly, talk about it personally.
If you reach a hundred, who knows that maybe one or two of them will learn so much and share it also to others. Remember, the best kind of networking is in Islam. You gain from every good deed of the person who learned and pondered from you.

In shaa Allaah, we all become more than just a queen. 
We are Muslimahs. We are hijabis.


  1. Kai, how would I get more than a King? Uhm. Maa shaa Allah, well said. :)

    1. hahaha.. ill think of it. maybe i can write abt being one too. lol mejo mahirap nga lang. :D

  2. mashaaAllah being a Muslimah is a grand thing... Alhamdulillah!


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