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The Productive Life: Tips to Achieve It

What exactly a productive life is? Is it the life of a busy person that always has something in his schedule? Or is it the life of the person who does not have anything listed on his schedule nor any schedule at all? A productive life is living everyday with something to do, and at the end of such day, you feel accomplished of what have you done for the day. 

Most of us mistake a busy day to a productive one. Actually, you will have a productive day when you do everything listed on your schedule right for the working hours allotted. It means, even if you have been busy all day, it does not really equate that you’ve been productive. You were just really busy. But, if you can see the outputs of the tasks are what you have expected after the long day work, then, you’ve really been productive. 

[Productivity = Output/Time Usage]

In Business, productivity of workers is being solved, so as to meet management goals and objectives. It is a very powerful tool that assesses who among the workers does better and deserves the promotion more. However, in daily life, we really don’t solve for our productivity. We just look at the schedule of our to-dos. And if we’ve met those, we already feel productive. 

So, how do we really keep track of our productivity for the day? What are some of the things that might help us achieve the productive day we’ve been eyeing to achieve? Here are some of them:

1. Planner/Checklist

Planning your days, weeks, months and even years ahead of time will really help you set goals for a certain period. Take into account the need to be practical in planning and managing your daily routine. Make the list achievable as possible, but do not let it insult your capabilities. Meaning, you should have the Japanese attitude: “If ten people cannot do it, subtract one worker making them 9.” But make sure that you do not subtract 5 altogether, because it’s going to kill all your energy and leaving you with no accomplishment for the day – just fatigue.

2. Stopwatch or just a mere watch

Working on a certain task would require effort and time. In your plans, you should have taken into consideration the period of time that a certain task needs. You don’t want your time to be wasted being idle. Admit it, there are times (a loooot of times) that we procrastinate. Having a stopwatch or any form of clock beside you would remind you of the deadline you allotted for a certain task. This way, you are able to do everything in your planner within the deadline. 

3. Rewards

"Work without play makes Jack dull."

Give yourself a break after working. You may have some sort of rewards for yourself such as eating snacks, surfing the net, reading books and blogs (such as mine, lol) or anything that would make you happy. Just put into consideration that you also have other things to finish for the day. Do not give rewards to yourself if you haven’t delivered your expectation, or you’ve flunked at all. This way, rewards will be sweeter. And you’d work yourself off just to gain that awaited reward. 

It just takes a bit of effort to discipline you into being productive. Do not let it off. Try and do this now. Time in this world is very limited. If you do not make your days productive, you are wasting a very beautiful life. Make your stay in this world a meaningful one by not letting a moment pass without any achievement. ^___^


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