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My Eid 2014 in Bongao Tawi-Tawi


Before anything else, it is so funny that my blog received its highest daily visitors last July 26. And guess from what countries are my visitors? ISRAEL. Maybe they've been looking at my instagram because I have been promoting events for the #FreePalestine movement all over the Philippines. So, if anything ever happens to my account, you know who to blame. 

Moving on, EID MUBARAK MY DEAR READERS!!! How was your Eid? Mine? Read on.

 I had my Eid prayer this morning. It was amazing! It has been six years since my last Eid prayer in Bongao, my hometown. Ma shaa Allaah, it feels great to be back. ^___^

I just got okay from my flu this morning. Thus, I went to attend the prayer. I cannot afford not being able to attend the Eidl Fitr prayer. It comes only once a year. And it is the time that I thank Allaah for all the blessings he has been giving me. I went to prayer with my niece and nephew because apparently the people in our house cannot pray. Psh! Timing din talaga noh at nagsabay-sabay silang lahat? 

Despite the fact that there were only two of us in the ladies lane, it was an amazing experience. The khutbah was just promising. It encompasses everything about being a Muslim. The people are just as great and really abiding citizens. The fact that most people wore white was really heartwarming. Really. It felt different. I cannot say it in mere words. 

I also got the chance to meet my bestfriend from years back after the prayer. I was so happy I bumped into her. I also bumped into few other people: Ate Jen, Arnalyn, Kah Gigi, Kah Della and many others. It was so nice to beso beso all of you, people. 

Afterwards, we went to my uncles house just few blocks from ours. Then, we went to read Quran at my other uncle's tomb. 

I am so happy today. In sha Allaah, all my learnings in Ramadhan would continue for the next 11 months and would grow until the next Ramadhan. 

I and Szcharaffa

How cute is this kid? :)

My companions.

Kah Reddang, bez Khaila, Raffa and I

Cousins and Uncle and Aunt


What I wore:
Pink Arya dress from Classiccrownhijabstore
Hijab from Brunei c/o Kah Buya
Hijab bling from Malaysia c/o bestfriend Nafiza
Luku/Telukung from Awwal St
Flats from Shoebox



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  1. Meeting the relatives after Eid prayer is indeed heart-warming.. beautiful chance to renew ties and offer forgiveness to those you had bad feelings with. Great photos Kai!


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