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What the Evacuees Need - Typhoon Sendong

I have been given a chance to visit some of the evacuees last night when Iligan Bloggers Society distributed food and sleeping mats to one of the evacuation centers.

The food was prepared by Jacko's Kan-anan. It was also devastated by the tropical storm Sendong, but the owners made it a point to give to those in dire need. Kudos ate Jam!

Actually, most of the evacuees are pleading for sleeping mats and medicines. There are a lot of evacuees who are wounded while getting rescued from the flood. Many people need anti-tetanus and anti-bacteria medicines. Doctors are also needed in many evacuation centers. The need for counselling is apparently needed by the traumatized people.

The Iligan Bloggers Society is taking steps to actualize the donations given by people. The thing is Paypal is being a pain in the ass. Not that it is has blocked our only way of receiving donations from online people. The limit for withdrawal has come up also.

We are really doing our best to get those donations reach their destinations which is, of course, the evacuees. The IBS is far more blessed to have this life. We will not use the money donated for our own personal use. People such as you donated because you want to help. You wouldn't want your money to go to waste. WE WOULD NEVER ALLOW THAT TOO.

For donations, please click here:

PS: ONE FOR ILIGAN Campaign by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. is ONLY accepting donations thru PAYPAL ( ), UNION BANK ACCOUNT (Revilla Carbonell - Noel), and personal delivery or hand-over to official IBS, Inc. members.. Any money/cash transactions to other accounts goes through other volunteering groups/organizations not accounted for by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.


  1. this is really heartbreaking and very painful to see. those dead bodies.. :( this really scared me a lot and reminded me of the flash flood that hit Davao for the first time in history. i thought mindanao is safe from these kinds of calamities.. but now everything has changed :(
    anything can happen. i hope people will start to take care of our environment more to prevent this.
    donated btw sis :)

  2. Grabe talaga at nalulungkot ako sa nangyari sa kanila. I am still praying for them. Big help tlga yan sa kanila.

  3. who does not :(  Hindi parin ako makapaniwala na many lives end before 2012 approaches


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