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December 2011 Top Commentator and more

This month's top commentator is non other than:

Funny. Because that Jeffrey in the 2nd spot is not actually Jeffrey. My top commentator plugin mistakenly put her name as Jeffrey. She is actually Donna Jane Marcuap.

Anyway, congratulations. Please email me at with your complete name, address, and cellphone number. I will send the items on January 2 or January 3. :) They will still be a surprise.

To know more about this Top Commentator of the Month, please click here.


I had to remove my SHOUTMIX CHATBOX too because they are closing down the FREE chatboxes. :( Anyway, if you have anything to say or ask, just leave them at my FORMSPRING ACCOUNT: Thanks.


I also revamped my room in line with new year. I finished it today and I will blog about it tomorrow. Wanna take a peek?

I am still thinking of getting rid of the bag rack. They suck big time! :D


And here's my long overdue WEIRD FACTS VIDEO TAG

Anyway, happy new year everyone. I hope we all have a glorious and blessed 2012. Leave all the heartaches and heartbreak in 2011. Open up yourself to opportunities and love this 2012.

Thank you for another year you spent with me.


  1. Wow, I did it :) but I did not reach more than 70 like the Top 1 Ms. Ayah  hehe . 

    I will be active here :) Yeah your plug in hated me haha , I hope Next year I would be named as Donna , just kidding it's fine ^^ Thanks Aya , I like the way you designed your room, especially the Eiffel Tower! :)  So Unique ! I'll send you an e-mail right away :) I'm excited, what could it be? :) curious much. Happy New Year ! and thanks for the informative posts and reviews I've read!  More Blessings!

    <3 Jeffrey :P

  2. super daming comments ni Donna.. hindi kame nakakahabol. nyahahahahhaha.. :DD
    anyway, love love the revamp you did on your room!! I wanna do mine too <3
    Same tayo..tinanggal ko rin ako..oh well, ayos na rin yon..narealize ko not naman siya ganun ka importante. hihihi..

    Anyway, Happy New Year sis! :)

  3. pede rin stalker?pero as far as I know they call one a stalker kapag ugly daw hehe , pag pogi/ suitor , is that true?  but i'm not a guy ^^ , her plug in named me 

    <3 Jeffrey  :D 
    I'm just admiring her posts : D

  4. wow andami naman nung comments nya.. wala akong laban.. lol.. i super love what you did to you room sis!!


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