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Hey, you busy?

If not. Let's talk a while.

I am one of the people who seldom buys prepaid credit for my phone. Cutting the story short, I seldom text or call. It's been a week since I bought prepaid load.

The thing is, my friends are miles away. They can't even get an update from me. Well, I am online most of the time in my facebook account but talking on the phone is far too different. Some of them are already complaining on why I don't pretty much update them. I keep on telling them, "Hey I always get people updated. You can check out my blog." Plainly, that didn't work. hahaha.

They are one of those people who does not reside permanently on the www unlike me. People even say that I don't have a life other than my blog. Get a grip. I have. It's just that you can't give me opportunities like my blog does. #devillaugh

Crazy but I now prefer the life away from phone. I wonder if its going to happen with my blog. Hope not. Well, I do have to be off the net when the CPA Review comes near, so I can stay focus. But that's in 2013. :)

PS: Will someone please donate money so that I can buy that Olympus EPM1? =( I'm dying to have it. I still need $230 to be able to buy it. Please please please. :)


  1. The power of blogging! hehe. Pwede mo nang i- sumarize lahat dito actually! Ako naman when it comes to my phone, I'm not a text/call person but I usually get a 1 month unlimited text for only 150. It's more matipid!

  2. ayyy. Sun gamit mo sis? wow naman. super matipid nga.

  3. lol sis without school nga i think i'll be in front of the computer almost 24/7.. like you i prefer spending time on my blog.. but every now and then i spend time with my classmates too naman.. just not that often as with my blog..

  4. haha. true sis! ganun din tlga ang life ko eh. lol! nasasanay na ako sa ganito.

  5. Ako rin , in the year 2013 I will be getting ready for my LET exam , hope we both become professionals!


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