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Are you Beautiful?

The Iligan Bloggers Society has been going to evacuation centres for the past few days. Apparently, we were teasing each other to break the boredom.

Ate Lai of quoted: "You will know that you are beautiful if a kid (about three to five year olds) looks and smiles at you." And now, I will be friendly to all kids. I will make them smile at me no matter what! haha. I have to please every three-to-five-year-old kid I meet daily. lol. I will religiously make them happy no matter what! hahah. Kick-ass love!

We were teasing kuya Jeff of Because he loved picking at each of the group members, we all joined forces against him. haha. poor gwapito (kunoh). hahaha :D Ate Jam of also kept on pointing out:

You would know the whole line if you are a Bisaya. haha. It meant that Bad Karma hits those who pick on OLD PEOPLE!!! :D :D Peace manong Jeff este kuya Jeff (para shalyt a bit).

Anyway, I took my day off today because my mom asked me to accompany her. We bought some pasalubongs for my Bruneian relatives coz my cousins are going back to Brunei any time soon. My mom bought blouses and polos and a loooooot of abubuts. We will also be sending them Cheding peanuts and more. I have to make this extra special video too. So, pray for me.

I bought 3 socks, 2 belts, 1 hijab and 1 Maybelline BB Cream for myself as well. Okay, I did not pay for them. :D They were all sponsored. hahaha. This is the life!


  1. ahaha naintindihan ko yun.. :) its really nice to help those in need.. jan ako bilib sayo sis.. :)

  2. It's good karma to help out others. :) Wow sponsored! Sino nag sponsor ng bb cream? Gusto ko din! :P Nag meme ka na din pala... hahaha trending na sa ating mga blogger gumagamit ng meme's :P

  3. I wanna know the meaning ^^ hehe , na out of place aq dun ah  :D


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