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Kai's Favorite Hijabistas

There are a number of hijabistas out there that will capture anybody's attention. Some of them may have my attention for a split second, but there are considerably few that I really adore.

The following are some of my criteria in making a hijabista my favorite:

  • 1. She covers her awrah with keen modesty, not just for the sake of covering. 
  • 2. She must be gentle in her words. Since I don't know her personally, the choice of wholesome and modest words are in my criteria. I would not be happy fangirling on a lady with a foul mouth. 
  • 3. Her style should be able to speak to my style. Otherwise, I don't see the point of making her a favorite. 
  • 4. She must have kind heart - approachable to her readers/followers. 
So, shall we start with my favorites?

From fangirling her blogs to actually being her protege, I have always loved Shea. Ever since I saw a Tumblr post about her, I've been digging her style already. Probably because all her outfits are easy to come up and are not body-hugging. The fact that she mixes and matches makes her a total fave. 

Moreover, not only that Shea has been one of the movers of hijab fashion since time immemorial, she has the kindest and friendliest heart. All of us, her proteges, can attest to this. She isn't the type that boasts around people. She will hear you out. That is one of the many reasons why her blog remains to be one of the most-visited hijabi blogs.

Leena Asad -

Beautiful, tall and stylish. She has the making of a model, but she'd rather save lives and be a nurse. Her classic choice of clothes is what drives me to constantly check on her IG and blog. Just recently, she has been featured in Vogue website.

I haven't had any convo with her online. Yep, I am a silent follower. (not until now, haha) But I kind of think that she is really friendly and down to earth.

I adore how she travel the world in style. This Estonian lady is the sweetest. Many of her followers interact with her. She posts a lot of islamic reminder on instagram which are really helpful. She also started an instagram account, @islamicsisterhood, that caters to reverts and muslimahs that wants to have friends in their vicinity.

I've sent her a few DMs of which she replied back in such a sweet note.

Indah Nada Puspita -

Nada is a bubbly hijabista. She studied in Germany and currently sings. I've been stalking her blog for quite some time already.

I adore her pastel looks so much. The subtle colors just fit her personality so much.

Lastly, but always the best,

Dian Pelangi -


My friends have been telling me that my eyes look similar to Dian's. I could just giggle all the flattering moments that they had me in.

Dian is a very young fashion designer, blogger from Indonesia. She is one of the prominent names in hijabi history. In fact, she has been named as one of the most influential people who are shaping the fashion industry. Her humility is the primary character that I most love about her.

She always inspire me in many great ways.

Those were some hijabistas that I personally adore. They are awesome in their own ways. I do hope that they inspire more people and work hard to being good role models, as well. It is not easy to be in public eye. But these girls have proven their worth.




  1. I love these ladies! Mashaallah they're all gorgeous! An inspiration indeed. I remember when I just started wearing the hijab, I was obsessed with Nada. Hahaha. I always check her blog for some fashion inspiration.

    - Joyce |

  2. Nice photos dear♥♥


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