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Japan Diaries: Hiroshima University / HiroDai (広島大学)

Salam ladies.

I thought it would be nice to blog about my Japan trip earlier this year since I have still have a lot of backlogs. Plus, it is nice to celebrate the 500,000 pagevisits to this blog with a special place to tour virtually. ^_____^ Thank you for coming to my blog. Come back, always? Please? :)

For today, I'm gonna head on with Hiroshima University (Hiroshima Daigaku / HiroDai) in Higashihiroshima-shi which is one of the sponsors for my said trip together with some awesome Mindanaoans.

And oh, this is a photoblog, so there will be lotsa pics. At the end of this post, I will share to you my fave spot!

On our first day at HiroDai, we were toured by the univerisity's tour guide. The guides were awesome, we are even friends on Facebook now and constantly message each other.

Before we left Hiroshima International Plaza where we stayed for the whole month. (I will do another blogpost for this amazing place!)

Welcome to Hiroshima University 広島大学 Hiroshima Daigaku 

Hiroshima University, in the Japanese cities of Higashihiroshima and Hiroshima, was established 1929 by the merger of a number of national educational institutions. - Wikipedia
 We had most of our classes in HiroDai, Higashihiroshima-shi campus. But we also had some classes at the Hiroshima-shi campus. I personally love the academic feel of the campuses. The minimalist theme around Japan is just perfect for learning.

Meeting our tour guide whom we referred to as Sailormoon because of her outfit. lol

The Grape Pond / Great Pond (lol) whatever! hahaha. Ben right there loves to photobomb us. Not cool!

Newly-found BFF, Ben.

HiroDai houses 15,000+ students. And most of them ride the bike to the university. So, you can expect to see bikes everywhere.

Can you spot two sailormoons? ahahaha. 

We went to the university museum which houses some amazing bones and Miyajima and Hiroshima Castle miniatures. The staff there are so welcoming.

Mermaid Cafe just in front of the Main Library. My ultimate cup of coffee! Oh I miss you! =9

HiroDai's Main Library.

Awesomeness in one place! I can spend the whole day here. They have anime exhibit in the building when we went there. Naturally, we are all hyped to see our fave characters. :D

Believe it or not, this huge thing is made of coins. Yes! A lot of them!

Same pose? :D

Everything in the library is high-tech. Like literally. I don't even know why they needed people there. hehe. Kidding!

Class time in Graduate Studies - Social Science building.

Because we just had to take a photo when it snowed! I love snow forever! Can we have it in the Philippines? Like, literally!!! huhuh

Behold! My favorite spot in any establishment in Japan during our month-long stay in winter - the absolutely amazing warmer of the toilet seat. hahahaha Not to mention the ultra-overwhelming automatic bidet that washes you handsfree! :D And oh, the sound you can play while you poop and fart a lot, too. hahaha. Nothing compares!

Thank you to my batchmates, kuya dean Aldrin Quintero and Alkhaizer Ibrahim for the photos.

I hope you enjoyed a little tour of Hiroshima University, 広島大学. It is a nice place to study. Really.



  1. Aww, I wish I can visit Japan next year. Will it be okay to ask you about Japan if in case I'll go there? Haha! I usually watch jDrama so I kinda see familiar spots on your photos. And whoa, the place is so neat!! The snow didn't look like snow at first, but whoa.. I don't think I can handle the cold. Panalo yung toilet seat, kulit lng, hehe :D

  2. Soo lucky! Looks like you had fun :) I'd love to visit Japan one day xoxo


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