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Hijabi Styling Tips

Styling oneself takes a lot of effort and thinking. I am not a stylist, but I like looking at hijabis that are very much well-groomed. I am not saying that hijabis should go for fashionable and trendy clothes. What I am trying to say is that hijabis should learn that the type of clothes they wear speak so much about their personality. This is why they have to learn to somehow mix and match properly.

Of course, you also have to know what style do you prefer. Is it the laid back? The glam girl? The edgy? The rocker? Sometimes, it does not matter what type of style you prefer - as long as you can pull whatever it is you wear. You can dress like a glam girl today and go for edgy clothes the next.

Just to clarify things, fashion is different from style. Fashion means you keep with the trend. You are always upgrading your clothes to be 'in'. Style, on the other hand, is innate with you. You can have the same set of clothes, but your style speaks for itself. Fashion is dictated by the industry. Style is dictated by you.

So yeah, if people are calling you haram because you dress and style yourself well. Don't mind them. They just didn't realize that they themselves have their own style.

Here are some tips I've learned overtime as I delve into dressing properly.

It is okay to bring different colours into the table as long as they complement or contrast one another. But please, do not overdo it.

Colours either complement or contrast. Know which complements, know which contrasts. If you are able to do so, then colour blocking is as easy as eating cake.

But if you do not know yet, you can try visiting websites that offer colour combinations such as or

If you cant do colour-blocking, then do this.

Choose one dominant colour, then add another hue to the ensemble. This is the easiest way to do it. And I always sort to this tip whenever I am too lazy to think about my outfit.

If you are the laziest person, then you can just throw on a black abaya and pair it with a coloured hijab.

Pair your hijab with one colour in your outfit.

You can pair it with the colour of your shoes, pants, skirt, top. It depends on you.

 Casual Hijabi

Remember, neutral or earthly colours such as shades of brown, black and white (though black and white arent considered colours) can go with any other hues.

If you are wearing these colours, it is safe to say that you can add any other colour to your outfit. This is the primary reason why I love neutral shades. They are always the best for days that I don't wanna think about my outfit.

These are just some tips that I've learn over time. It is universal that everyone, even men, can apply it to their style. I hope you learned something.

If you have other tips, leave them in the comment section.



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