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Get the Boho-chic Style

Dream catchers, Coachella outfits, fringes and everything chic. Isn't Boho-chic style just plain beautiful?

According to WikipediaThe boho look, which owed much to the hippie styles that developed in the middle to late 1960s, became especially popular after Sienna Miller's appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004, although some of its features were apparent from photographs of her taken in October 2003 and of others living in or around the postal district of W10 (North Kensington), an area of London associated with bohemian culture since the mid-1950s.
Boho-chic style has been circling the world ever since it was introduced by actress Sienna Miller and super model Kate Moss into the fashion scene. Mary Kate Olsen is also a follower of this style and has long been one of the influencers of boho-chic across the world. Most of the hipsters love this style.

Boho is shortcut for Bohemian while chic means elegant. Boho chic style is all about "floaty" skirts (notably long/maxi white ones), furry gilets, embroidered tunics, cropped jackets, large faux-coin belts, sheepskin boots and cowboy boots, baggy cardigans and "hobo bags".

For Aussies who wants to transform their closet into this style, you might wanna check boho clothing Australia.

Anyway, back to topic. How to get the boho-chic style? Here are your fashion weapons:

White Maxi Skirts/Dresses


White long and flowy maxi dresses and skirts are so boho and, of course, chic. Those beach-perfect skirts are also perfect Boho outfits. 

Lace Cardigans/Kimono with Fringes


 Laces and fringes are always so chic that any girl would fall in love with them. Did I mention that they're super comfy, too?

Sheepskin or Cowboy Boots / Hobo Bags

Picture from
Hobo bags are everywhere these days, too. Leather ones are most preferred.

Now, you are boho-ready. Did you love the boho-chic style? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I personally love the boho style!!Its so effortless and carefree!! Lovely post! :) xoxo


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