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Bridesmaid Dresses by TopsWedding

Good day everyone.

I've written like a whole lot of articles about wedding; but, I've never actually written anything about the bridesmaids. This post is actually dedicated to the bridesmaids out there. If you are a bride and still is looking for ideas on what your bridesmaid will wear on your wedding day, then you've come to the right place.

Here are three ideas that you can use. These dresses are available at Tops Wedding.

This navy long tulle dress is perfect for bridesmaids and even the bride's mother. It is the perfect dress if the bride and groom prefers a little modest wedding. 

This rhinestone ruffled grey evening dress is looking chic and elegant for the bridesmaids. They sure will love the gems on their dress. 

And this is my personal favorite. If this is a bit more close and a lot modest, this would be perfect for any wedding. It is simple yet elegant. It doesn't really boast but it sure will break necks. This dress, for me, is the loveliest of the three. 

If you are looking for dresses like these, then is the place to be. 


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  1. I actually own the silver the dress and have ordered it for many of clients when I was selling dresses, its so stunning!


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