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The Prom Dress Trends

Girls will almost always tell you that they don’t know what to wear to a certain occasion. Even though we have a style in mind, we still look for second, third until perhaps tenth opinion. If you happen to be the same, don’t fret. That’s just how we girls roll. 

So , to aid some of my girls out there who are about to head to prom, here are some of the trends that has been in the prom limelight since time immemorial. You can find these Prom Dresses UK at MissDressShop.

A-line Cocktail Dress with Crystal Embellishment

Cocktail dresses are a prom-favorite dress because they look chic and very feminine. This pink dress will scream girly, young and glam when you enter the prom venue. Match it with black stilettos or pumps and a lioness hairdo; you are ready to take on the prom.

Floor-length ball gown

If you want to achieve the princess-from-a-fairytale kind of look, of course, the ball gown is the perfect choice for you. Ball gowns are much preferred if you want a dramatic entrance. They will sweep over the competition aside, giving you your much needed attention to be pronounced as prom queen at the end of the event.

Chiffon Sequined Floor-length Empire Sweetheart Gown

To top it all, the floor-length empire gown with crystals and beads will not only show your girly side, but also give you elegance and poise. This flow-y gown gives you a mature aura, thereby, allowing every person know that you are ready to take on the responsibility of becoming the face of the night.

These are just some of the gowns that you always see on proms. If you happen to be attending a prom anytime soon, here’s a tip. Choose a theme that you want your look to be for the said event. After having a theme in mind, it’s down to selecting which dress matches the theme perfectly.

I hope you choose the perfect and comfortable dress.

Good luck!


  1. The third dress! I am obsessed!! That designer makes stunning dresses!

  2. So true lol!Girls never know what to wear!Your post was really helpful i think i'm a definite empire gown girl :) although i wouldn't mind a puffy fairytale gown either though i figure its alot of fabric to handle!Thanx again!xoxo


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