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Japan Diaries: En Route Higashi Hiroshima

Salam ladies.

This post has been stand-by in my drafts for almost 2 days since I was so tired with the travel + tours we had prior to the training proper. I would have posted it on Sunday night when we arrived in Higashi Hiroshima, Japan but I'd rather get sleep.

So, anyway, on January 11, 2015, we flew from NAIA Terminal 2 in Metro Manila to Fukuoka, Japan. The travel took four hours and the turbulence is no joke at all. One of my fellow trainees vomited twice on the airplane. I had to switch seats with him to let him occupy the aisle seat.

Upon arriving at Fukuoka, as usual, we had to face immigration, etc. We were fetched by Yukino-san at the airport. She handed us our nametags, and accompanied us to Hiroshima.

We took a shuttle from the airport to the bus station. Then, we rode a train to the shinkansen station. And in the shinkansen station, we had to go up several floors before reaching the shinkansen.

I was literally amazed at how my first ever shinkansen ride was on FIRST CLASS! Ma sha Allaah. Our seats were near cabin. And were the only ones there, aside from elite-looking Japanese people. Wow!

The trip was about two hours. Shinkansen is said to travel 200km per hour. So yeah, you can imagine the speed. Within 5-10 seconds, we cannot see already the other shinkansen that we meet on the way. Yeah! That fast!!!! Shinkansens are said to have different speeds. And there was one shinkansen that's literally super duper fast. We were able to experience how fast it was. Within about 5 seconds, it was gone from our eyes. O_O

Btw, from Fukuoka, we had to cross Yamagotchi Perfecture to get to Hiroshima. So, it was a long ride. But we enjoyed a looooot anyway. What? I have the best companies!

When we arrived at Higashi Hiroshima station at about 6pm, our vans were waiting. And it took about 10-15 minutes for us to arrive at the Hiroshima International Plaza, our accommodation, which I will most likely be posting about in the next post.

Anyway, the weather is so dang cold. I was freezing during the time except when we were inside vehicles or buildings which were heater-equipped.

I've said a lot already. So, I left you with photos from here on. :)  Enjoy the pictures.


  1. Wowww! I love Japan! I wish I'll get the opportunity to visit that beautiful place one day. love the pictures, keep sharing Kai! :)

    1. Soooon~! You will be able to see Japan as well. Ameen!!!

  2. Non-lady checking in hehe! That train looks so comfortable and of course, it's first class, so that makes sense! Love train trips! You know, it's strange seeing Hiroshima or reading about it, given what my country did to it...Thanks for all the lovely photos!

    1. Hahahaha. Big bro is so funneeeh!

      The train IS AMAZING!!!! Literally. I love shinkansen so much. I wish I could ride it always. T___T However the fare is kind of expensive too. hahaha

  3. Hi Kai! I dont know if you still remember me haha.
    Damn!!!! I always dream of visiting Japan one day. This entry made me jealous of you haha but Im happy that you enjoyed your stay in Japan. Fukuoka is one of the nicest place in Japan. Thanks for sharing your experience <333 I never experienced riding a plane in my entire life, I wonder what it feels like heehee

    1. In God's time sis, you will visit Japan as well. :)
      Well, we didn't stay long in Fukuoka. We stayed at Hiroshima which I really looooove. :D
      Of course I remember you. <3


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