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When I Met MelleLeee


I guess, I should have posts with titles "When I Met *insert blog name here* everytime I meet bloggers. If you could remember, I also posted When I Met Jannieology. ^___^

Anyway, yesterday I met up with Mel of It was a minadali kind of meet-up coz we decided a day ago, pronto. I was really hyped to see her tho. It was literally my first time to go out just by myself. I guess, I'd have to get used to the idea of going out all alone. >___<

We met at SM San Lazaro which was super close to my dorm. Mel was kind enough to travel all the way from the other side of the Metro just to meet me there. Thanks so much Korean lady!!!

We first went to SM Department Store because I needed to buy flats. Then, this lady was pushing me to buy flats with gemstones/crystals on. What I wanted was just plain ones. I ended up buying printed and plain flats as you can see in the photo below when you scroll down. :)

We also went to several stores. And chatted and chatted along the way. We were talking about the bloggers she and I met, all good stuffs and the like. Then she saw this cute necklace with a letter pendant. At first she was hesitant to buy it. At the end of the day, she bought it.

We spent some time at Starbucks and chatted more. She had coffee and I had tea. The crew misspelled her name on the cup. Instead of putting Mel, they wrote Bell without even and E. hahah. I actually took photo of it with my camera but I am too lazy to get it. Lol! She was hysterical about how the crew always does that. But we laughed it off. 

We were talking about all good stuff regarding blogging and cute things. haha. And oh, we were talking about old good blogs and bloggers. She was older than me in blogging world, so she knew a lot of old bloggers. 

When it's about to go home, we had this funny experience. I don't know if I should put it here. If Mel's friend would find out, I wonder how'd he reacted? :P It's something to do with getting away from something. haha. 

I am not really a fan of masks and all. But I just had to get these. While we were deciding which to buy, Mel started reading the Korean words. She pointed out that Masaji is massage just like how meseji is message. hahah. We bought almost similar items. I tried the Green tea pack last night. I love how smooth my skin is after usage. But, it went to the usual way it is today. Oh well! 

the flats I bought
I do hope I will meet more and more bloggers specially those good old folks I know. I've never expected to meet a lot of good people in this sphere. But, it's all good. I gained a lot of friends. ;)

*photos with Mel's watermark are from her iPhone
*photos with my watermark are from my Samsung Galaxy Y


  1. meron ka din ba when you met me? haha. I miss you, sis. Glad you're having fun in MNL. ^_^

    1. oh no.. wala yata. >__< kayo ni shugah.. ewan.. nalimutan ko na.. try ko hanapin. hehe thanks sis. i miss you too!!!

  2. Hi I just found your blog and I am so glad I did!
    Your blog is so amazing and I love this post!
    I just followed your blog and would appreciate if you could do the same back!
    have a great day!

    The Green Raybans
    Twitter: Green_Raybans98

  3. Super duper kulit nyan si Melle! Walang segundo na hindi yan magsasalita. Haha lukaret din yan eh hahaha

    San ka banda nagdodormmm malapit dorm ko dati sa SM San Lazaro! Haha next time, tayo naman meet, "When I Met Mei" ang peg! hahaha

    Yung solemate shoes ang ganda :) Buy 1 take 1 pa din ba sila? Haha

  4. Cute pictures and nice shoes.

    XO Arezu

  5. Cute pictures and nice shoes.

    XO Arezu

  6. Wow sorry di ako makarespond dun sa chat lol! I'm sure you have a lot of fun there! Kakatampo lang Mel don't talk to me anymore. :))

  7. Nice :) I'm so jealous ha-ha .. Glad to know that you had fun and oh you did shopping!!!! Yay :)
    I love love the flats <3

  8. You two are too cute! Wish I could meet the both of you! :(
    But it looks like you had tons of fun!
    Nice flats :D

  9. Oh em!! what can i say? we both look pretty in those pictures and yes!! the flats!! I was convincing you to get those with gems and mga colorful but still, you choose to get the one thats more simpler.. lol who can also forget the seven incident which i cant decide if i would ditch him or just say "i cant".. lol and the BELLE din.. BELL.. haha the mask was also fuuun!! I miss this!! lets do it again some other time..


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