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Marawi City With Bestfriend

I remembered, I promised last March to post our trip to Marawi City with my bestfriend and mother December last year. I guess I am 6 months late already. Anyway, it's better late than never. 

Going to Marawi was literally an abrupt decision that we had for that trip. I remembered, we were in the jeepney at about 12:15 noontime, on the way home from Ma. Cristina Falls when, we made the decision. We haven't had lunch. My mom just ate an apple she brought. I and Monin, on the other hand, had no lunch at all. The trip took about more than an hour. 

When we arrived at Marawi, we were all starving. The thing is we could not eat yet because we had to wait for Julie to come. It was almost 2:00 PM that we were able to eat at Jeco's. After eating, we went to the mini market at MSU Marawi to buy fruits for inah. 

I and Julie

Mom and Monin

Inah, Monin, Shirib, I, Julie

Then, at about 3PM, with my persuading power, Shirib gave in and invited us to his boarding house. It was such a blessing going there because when we arrived, it rained heavily. Shirib's landlord/uncle was so kind to let us in his house. Shirib also fed us with snacks. ^____^ Haha. Again, with my power of persuasion.

 In MSU Marawi, students from ZamBaSulTa (Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi) have an organization which is Suarabangsa. They help one another. And they have programs too. My friends are all member of this organization. It was through them that I knew some people too.

On the way to Shirib's house.

Inah, Julie, Joy's sister, Judelyn, En, Monin, I

Thank you for the food! hahah

Shirib's uncle. One of the Kabs. 
 We spent the afternoon chatting. At 4:30/5:00 PM, the three of us decided to go home to Iligan because last trip of jeeps is 5:30PM.

It was such a memorable day. It really cured my homesickness that moment. And here I am today writing about it and feeling the homesickness again. >___<

When we arrived in Iligan, Monina and I decided to eat at Jollibee. Mom wouldn't want to join us, so she went home ahead of us.

Monin and I at Jobee


  1. I love personal posts like these such a great insight into the Blogger :)
    Becky Ann

  2. so uv gone to uncle Alsi's house pala! u didn't inform me. . .hmmm sayang i could'v shown u d rest of the best views there . . .^_^ jokz

    1. yes i went there. nagtext kaya ako kaymu. Che!!! hahaha. telling that to me when im not in iligan na. ehehe. *mean*
      you were there daw in the morning. but you went to iligan na during noontime. so di tayo nag-abot, technically. hehehe.

    2. Neeee makamiss in MSU laung ehehe.
      Salamduwaa kaniyu karuwa. (dih kita hiak-atu mag-english kan sir Den yan hehehe)

      Salamduwaa din ha kaybanan Kabs ha Marawi and Iligan. And kay sir Alsi :-D

    3. don't worry,kai. if ul hav tym 2 visit in the future, we'll do that.

      doc ahmad, maunu unu utuh! ?
      unu ba ini inglis inglis, ng prapractiz minzan ini. kamayah duun

  3. this post is fun to read. very refreshing cause it tells a lot about yourself :)

  4. you should have told me you were coming to marawi. :c

  5. Loving your blog!! Following along with BlogLovin!

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Thank you for showing us a little bit of Marawi :) I have friends also who came from MSU Marawi and I can really say that they're good!

  7. Talking about homesickness! I miss home too sis. It's really hard to be away from your friends and family. Can't wait to visit my friends and be back home too. I'm sure had so much fun while you were there with your frends :D

  8. Looks like you really had fun during that day. Being with our friends and loved ones really does cure the homesickness :)

  9. Oh! how I wish I could also do a vacay trip. tsssk... Marawi looks like a fun place to visit. I hope someday I will be able to go there and appreciate the richness of the city ;)


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