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When I Met Jannieology

I am not the type of person who gets along pretty well with newly-met friends. I could be totally different behind the computer and up close and personal. 

When I hit Zamboanga City for a day, Jannie was super kind to offer that we meet up and that it would be her treat. We are to meet at Gerry's Grill in Canelar, ZC.  

At first, I was okay meeting her. Then, she texted me that her boyf, CJ, would be there. Then, I suddenly felt weird. I mean, I am gonna be meeting another person aside from the one I've met online. Yes, I am too shy during first meetings. And I could hardly talk. haha. 

I was late when I arrived because I had to pray zuhr first. It was 12:30pm when I arrived and they're already eating (Jannie texted me they'll eat ahead). Well, apparently, I joined them since I was starving too. Hahah! 

Then, came along the chitchat. I know they could tell how controlled I was with my words. I baffled several times. There, I said it. I was too caught up with the Visayan language in Iligan and CDO as well, that I could not speak well in Tagalog/English. I know, I speak in Tagalog while I was in Iligan, but there are times that I get the Visayan accent/words. And, it got me confused while talking. 

But they were so friendly that they talked about things that intrigued me especially when CJ and I talked about business (Jannie was in the restroom this time). I learned a lot about Zamboanga that time. Well, I know a lot about Zamboanga, but my knowledge widened more after that talk. 

When I went home, I texted Jannie how they super look good together with CJ. And that, maybe in the future, I'd be one of them - Zamboanga bloggers. Who knows? hehe

I am so grateful that the blogosphere did not only gave me what I love (writing my thoughts), it also gave me friends who I can treasure.


  1. So jealous. I noticed the Zamboanga blogger circle is very friendly and accommodating. I've been searching the internet yesterday for a gensan blogger group where I can join, and I can't find any.

    1. Hi Ile.

      Yes, ZC bloggers are all friendly. ^____^ Similar din to Iligan and CDO bloggers.

  2. I agree with you, super bagay ang dalawa<3 And basta, they like inlababo to the maxxxx! :D

  3. Wow! Sayang I haven't met Jannie when she went here sa Manila kasi I have work :) And yes they really look good together ni CJ :) I feel you. Blogging really gives us friends to treasure :)


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