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Dickies, All Through The Years of Quality Workwear

When people find a respectable, dependable product, they become dedicated to that product and to the company that makes it. Dickies is a name that people recognize as a manufacturer of high quality, durable work apparel.

In fact, they are the world's largest manufacturer of workwear. Their clothing is available in every state. To many, their label is a symbol of quality and endurance. Dickies manufactures a wide range of mens clothing. Their familiar bib overalls are available in several color and design options. They have an extensive selection of pants, shirts and outerwear for men. Specialty clothing such as flame retardant clothing and uniform builders are available for those who need them. Dickies also has clothing for big and tall men.

In order for a company that began in 1922 to retain it's popularity and respect, it must continually update its options while maintaining it's reputation for quality. Dickies has done just that. In addition to their popular line of clothing for men, they also offer workwear for women, kid's clothing, shoes and accessories.

Dickies has a line of clothing designed for specific professions such as medical scrubs for caregivers, pants and shirts for automotive and maintenance workers and clothing for many other specific professions. They also have hunting apparel for sportsman. School uniforms made by Dickie are attractive and able to withstand frequent wear and the activity level of young children. When you are searching for durable workwear, sports attire or kid's clothing, Dickies is the brand to rely on.


  1. I have been wearing Dickies workwear for decades and still do. It is pretty much maintneance free as all I have to do is put them in the washing machine, then a few minutes in the drier and when dry hang them on hangers and they are all fresh, clean and ready to wear. No Ironing necessary. Thats the kind of clothes for me !

  2. It's no secret that many men are not fashion-inclined and are a bit clueless when it comes to clothes. Every guy should have some staple pieces in his closet. These items are universal and can be purchased at stores from Target to Neiman Marcus but dickies is just a lovely brand to wear.I just love this.
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