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Wear A Square Hijab for Glasses in Less than 5 Minutes

Assalamualaikum pretty and modest ladies.

I love square hijabs because they are less hotter than the pashmina ones. I have been wearing square hijabs since I was in grade school. And yes, I started wearing hijab when I was four. It started with me being envious of my hijabi mom and cousins. :)

I am sharing to you another hijab tutorial especially for those wearing glasses. I started wearing glasses just this month. Basically, I had to change my hijab style because I don't want my ears to be bulging out because of the glasses handle. >.<  I hope you get this one. ^___^

Actually, the main problem with this hijab tutorial is that you will be needing most of the minutes for the arranging of hijab on your head. 

You will be needing:
  • a square hijab
  • inner cloth headband
  • 2 safety pins 
  • 3 bobby pins. 

First things first. Fold the square hijab into a triangle. Place it on your head with two sides equal of length to each other. 

Take the left side of the hijab and wrap the front of your neck like what you see in the photo above.

Take your first bobby pin and pin it to place into your inner cloth headband.

Take the right side of the hijab and use safety pin to secure it just below the neck.

Take the same right side of the hijab and arrange it to your liking and use safety pin to secure it half way beneath the other side of the hijab.

Secure the hijab using the remaining bobby pins.

DONE! :) Now you are ready to flaunt your glasses without having to worry about bulging of your hijab in the ear sides.

You can use accessories too! :)

That's all. Salams.


  1. hi. i have this problem, my hijab is a bit see through like all of the other hijabs, even if i fold it in half it's still a bit see through when worn under the sun. is it still okay?

    1. hi mirthy. i don't think sheer hijab is okay. the fundamental of hijab is to cover. However, if what you are wearing is somehow "see-through", the point of covering is lost.

      my personal advice is to wear underscarves that covers the neck. or better yet, grab some new hijabs. there are lots of fabulous ones. ^___^

      thank you so much for taking time to read my blog and leave a comment. it means a lot.


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