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The Angel Styles Prada

Srsly, who does not want Prada? I bet none. Even as simple as the bags in the photos, you will still drool to know that the tag is Prada. Designer bags such as these are made to last. Thus, it is highly recommended that you own at least one.

Prada has always been the kind of designer bag that caters to ever citizen's bag needs. They have variety of designs that will fit your fashion ideas. These prada nylon messenger bag are just one of the many designs that Prada offers.

Now, how can you strut out a style with the bag? There are many ways to style it. Here's an example that I made with Polyvore.

The black colour of the Prada Nylon messenger bag and nude tone of the shoes and bracelet will tone down the neon colour of the pants and the teal colour of the cropped top. The best way to style your hair is to let it down with volume. And, you are ready to go. 

Remember, whatever your style may be, just always wear those that you are comfortable with. And always keep in mind that you are already beautiful with any style as long as you can give justice to what you wear. It is not in the clothes you wear that you appear lovely, it is in how you carry your clothes. 


  1. Super love those bags. It's like chic meets practical. I especially like the green and orange ones :D So pretty!

  2. Gusto ko rin magkaprada. Pero di ko afford. Hahaha! :) Ang nice ng gnawa mo na styling sis. Idk why but lately I'm falling in love with nude shoes. <3 <3 Miss u, sis! Bilhan mo ko bag. HAHA


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