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Sorry. I don't wanna make "yabang", but I just love the shots I did of my classmates while we were waiting for the showing of This Guy's In Love With You Mare. Btw, the movie's pretty nice. I laughed most of the time, a real stress reliever. :) The ending's pretty predictable tho, coz I managed to point it out. haha.

Last week, we went out for a movie after our exams to be able to relieve stress. Glad we did even tho we had to go through a really really long queue. To kill the time, we looked for something else to do. "Alas! I brought my camera", I exclaimed.

We managed to look for a perfect place to conduct our instant photoshoot. Lols. The lighting, the background, everything is just so perfect. Guess where it is located! In the renovated part of Gaisano Mall Iligan. ^^,

Vhanne's really really gorgeous. I mean, if she was a true girl, she'd be so beautiful and sexy.

Anine looking gorgeous as ever even just wearing simple clothes.

Beautiful Zarah. We all agreed that day not to go near her because she's wearing wedges and we looked like her nanny. haha. While we all are looking stressed, this lady went out fabulous. I am reminded to always look my best everyday, and I mean it. You never know what's coming. :)

Lastly, here's a blurry photo of Zarah that I oh so love. I think it came out well despite the movement.
It's just so hypnotizing! @_@

Sorry for blurry photos, I resized them. >.<

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