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BlogLoveTherapy Site Criticisms

Last month, I submitted my blog for review and criticisms to BlogLoveTherapy. Just today, I read that they already have the critique up in there site (click here).

Anyway, here are some of the criticisms they have on my site:

After reviewing her blog,
Here's what I like:
-Very cute layout. I love how bright and fun it looks.
-Cute banner
-Great placement of page labels
-Post title header is cute
-Pictures are good

Here's what I think she can improve on:
-A tracking sitemeter pops up almost instantly requesting that I sign in to view your page. Hmm? This may be a turn off to readers. I personally do not like to log on, especially when it says "tracker", to read a blog. Because the request pops up instantly, I did not have enough time to look through your blog. If you want to track and see how many views you get per day, I'd suggest Google Analytics. It's great without causing disruptions.
-Welcome note is great, but the font is way TOO small.
-Pictures are good, but seem inconsistent. Some are very bright, some are dark, some are in focus, some are out of focus, etc. I suggest that you use a photo editor to edit your photos before posting.
-There's A LOT going on on the side bar. You may want to clean it up a bit.
-The blog itself takes a long time to load.

I know, most of you feel the same way about my blog. And here are my two-cents for those listed wherein I need improvements on.

1. The sitemeter tracking login.

I really didn't know about this (not until now). Thank you so much to Blog Love Therapy for pointing that out. It was unintentional on my part. To all my readers, I am deeply sorry. Sitemeter does not pop up on my browser though even though I have my pop ups enabled. >.< I wonder why. Please tell me if it still pops up.

2. Welcome note font is TOO small.

Well, it is not that important though. And as you can see, there are links in it. Only those who are $$$ bloggers will understand. :D I am deeply sorry. I guess, I have to let it be that way until their time prescribes.

3. Inconsistent photo filters

I can't really tell which filter I always use. Sometimes, I go for this one, and then, next time, I go for the other one. For the information of everyone, I use Olympus EPM1. And there are lovely filters in it. So, I use them all! hahahah. If you get irritated with my photos, please tell me. I'd refrain from using those filters. Huhu. Even though, I love them so much.

4. A lot going on in the sidebar

I can't really clean it up. Though, I am trying my best to keep it as neat as possible. As you all know, I am an earning blogger. And I have to cater to those advertisements as well. >.< And those ads will be up for like 3 months to 1 year. Just let it be please. It's the one keeping my blog up because I have to pay the hosting package of my blog and the domain name each year. >.< It's not like I am using the free of blogger.

5. Longer Loading Time

Again, I have similar explanation to number 4. There's a lot going on in this blog for the fact that THOSE ADS keep it going. If not, where would I get the payment for all the fees? Plus, I am paying Hostgator for a better hosting package MONTHLY. It's not a joke keeping this site up. Really. T_T

Yes. I want to keep this site pleasing to everybody's taste. But we all have our own preferences. I cannot please each of my readers. But I hope, everyone understands me. :) After all, it's the content that matters. Aye? I will do my best to post a lot of things here, though I am very busy at the university.

Again, I want to thank Blog Love Therapy for the amazing criticisms on my blog. Rest assured that I took all those as positive criticisms. And I will really really try to make this a better blog. Again, thank you for the time you gave for my blog critique. :)

To my readers, you all rock for managing to be there despite the ugliness of my blog! I love you all from the bottom of my heart. <3


  1. Awwww.. Ang cool naman nyan at nagbibigay talaga sila ng opinion and criticisms. Pero kasi may mga suggestions din sila na ang hirap i-control. But thumbs up sayo sissy. ganda talaga layout moooooo! Love na love ko. parang tagal ko na din hindi nakadaan dito eh pero nafall inlove agad ako sa layout mo. Gusto ko na dn magchange ng layout pero busy pa ang taga-gawa ko. HAHAHAHA. Miss you ganda!!!! :)

  2. Nice of them to give suggestiions parang I want to submit my blog para alam ko din what I should change. Tama sila, super ganda talaga ng layout mo

  3. Nice critics positive naman and helpful for next update and new project.

  4. Buti naman you take it well, sis! And for me your blog is cool na. :3 Looks so cute na professional at the same time! :)

  5. woah.. but still the critic is nice ahhh :D I want to try their critic tooooo!!!! :D kase gusto ko malaman anong positive and negative side ng blog ko. hihihihi :D

  6. Well, at least the person mentioned what you can improve on, but I agree with number 1 (your response), I don't even experience the tracking sitemeter thingy. Nothing pops up on my browser...

  7. I think the loading time is a result of her Internet connection. Mine is extremely fast... Therefore, it loads pretty darn quickly (what? Did she scroll all the way to the bottom first or something?). Basically, I really don't find the load time to be a problem. There aren't any missing images, so... It's obviously not too slow. ;)

  8. Hmm, mine's pretty fast. And I don't see much problem with your site either :)


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