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The Blogging Zombies

Some may hate. Many will agree.

Last night, I was talking/chatting with Melle. It was the first time I talked to her like that actually. I am this type of person who does not really do well on talking with people other than those I am already used to talk with.

blogging zombies

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Anyway, the point is we were talking about what I call, The Blogging Zombies. So, what exactly is it? These are bloggers who just visit your blog and left comments for the purpose of your commenting and visiting back their sites. I am the type of blogger who posts a loooooot of photos because I easily get bored with words. The thing is, they just look at the photos and do not read the texts. Then, they comment, "Nice photo you got there." Then, leave and wait for your comment back. They inflict your brain with too much stress that you just want to shoot them dead. It's not illegal to shoot zombies, right? hahaha

The truth is I don't give a thing if I receive comments like that. I really don't. But there are other bloggers who give a damn. Blogging is not easy. You have to think of stories to tell and relay them in a manner that would not bore your readers. You want to have a connection with your readers. Now, how would there be a connection if your blogging buddies just comments on the photos saying that it is nice?

A picture is worth a thousand words. But today, it is only worth one sentence: "You got nice photos." Maybe you have seen my comment on some posts with one-liners. Yeah, I do that to people who does the same to me. It is the golden rule to not do onto others what you do not want them to do onto you. I only abode wholly to that.

Through the years, I have met bloggers who are now my friends. Though I never get to meet some of them, I am happy to have them as my friends. Mind you, we all communicate like we know each other so well. The reason for the friendship is that we get to know more of each other by really reading their posts and commenting decently. So to some bloggers who are just here for the money and fame, let me tell you one thing. You can have money and fame with SEO, etc; but you cannot have close friends with that. For me, the friends I gain through blogging is one of my successes as a blogger. :)

PS: I even doubt if blogging zombies would care enough to read this. Then again, I don't give a thing. :P




  1. Janna Joshelle ParelJune 3, 2012 at 9:44 AM

    Blogging Zombies. Can relate. How about Blogging Leeches? People who visit your blog to just join giveaways and not even read posts. LOL. We talked about this dilemma I have earlier.

  2. iba na talaga ngayon sis.. noong bago pa lang ako dito, one thing I loved about having my own blog is really, na.proved ko na even through the internet lang, we can find good friends and it is something that I really love. i still remember when we had our group video chat last december 31, 2011.. gabi yun. i felt like, 'how nice naman! meron lang kaming common hobbies sa internet and we're friends na!' i love it. :) pero now, parang ang rare na lang. that's the sad part. :( missing the good old days of blogging. me too, i do visit blogs na lang na ng.cocomment sa'kin na ung totoo tlaga.. d ung for the sake na meron lang ma.icomment.

    anyway sis, mahaba na ang comment ko.hehehe kmusta pla? i haven't visited you here for so long.. sorry, pagod sa work.. d na nga rin makapag.update. minsan na lang.

  3. Nakoooo sis! Haha nice ang post mo. Like like like! I admit before parang eeh makatamad mag basa. Pero when you start, lalo na sa mga blogs ng mga friends mo (kahti personally or through the net only), enjoy siya! It's like getting to know nga talaga slowly and in a different way :D

    -Trisha to ibang acc gamit :))

  4. And I thought you were blogging about the Miami Cannibal Zombi Apocalypse Thingy, but then again you prove me wrong. Hahaha... Yup! I read the text and not the picture only!

    One-liner commenter, I got a whole lot of that and just like you, I don't give a damn either. I just continue to make money from blogging... And I think you know why... this is my bread and butter.

    Anyway, I like your new look. So love the pinkness of them all!!!

  5. Advance happy bday saatin!!! :) Haha well naexperience ko na yan. Kaya minsan ayokong magpost ng puro pictures eh - kapag naman puro words konti lng tlga ang magbabasa. Minsan ung comment nila based lng sa first paragraph.

  6. LOL I didn't know there is a term called blogging zombies nowadays ahahahaha! I experience some before and I think until now there are still people who would comment a 1 line only and didn't give a damn to read your post...and as of today may nalaman na naman ako words like comment exchange, like exchange, and etc. I didn't know that blogging can be like this unlike before..people will read carefully your post and comment what they think about it...not just for the sake of comment exchange and stuff :/

  7. lmaooo too funny! I get those too which is why I do the same thing like you do.give them a dose of their own medicine. Mas gusto ko pang maging palitaw sa comment.. kesa laging nagco comment one liner naman. :P

    yung pic reminds me of plant vs zombie. :)))

  8. You put a nice illustration. :D

  9. haha, i can totally relate with this kasi kahit papaano, parang weird kasi. some people really try to put an effort to comment on a post na may sense talaga. then ang binabalik lang is yung super generic comment na kulang nalang lahat ng binibisita nilang pages ay same comment pa rin.

    though i don't really mind the "nice photos" type of comments sometimes, paminsan parang spammy na talaga basahin if apat na sunod-sunod nga ganon ang meron sa comment box. :o

  10. nice photo you got there... haha. ang sosyal ng zombie, may desktop. :P

    I can relate to this, totally, but same here, I don't really care, at least they commented. I have too much stuff going on in my mind to think about them, because I really care about the quality of my  blog post. It really IS hard to think of a good topic to talk about when blogging....

  11. That was a nixe zombie illustration. Very nice. HAHAHAHA

    Keri na yan, at least nagcocomment. Minsan kasi pagod na ung tao kakacomment kaya wala na masabi. Hoho. At least may comment kesa wala.

  12. Yun pala tawag dun! xD Pero I really feel you sis :( Especially in my case, most of my posts are made up of my written works. Sucks sometimes that I nearly drained my brain to write something good then they'll just say: NICE! Like seriously, I do appreciate their effort, but at least some quick remarks man lang. :(

  13. Thank you for not just giving me a one-liner comment on my blog post :-)
    Going through your blog now to check out your writing and photography.


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