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Similarities: Princess and I Costumes & Tausug Sablay

When I first watched Princess and I, the ABS-CBN famous teleserye, I instantly remembered the Tausug attire Sablay. The costumes in the said teleserye is somewhat similar to my native attire which is called Sablay. There may be a lot of differences, but let's just take a look at the similarities. :)

kai darul | tausug sablay attireprincess and i costume yangdon - kathryn bernardo

Okay. Please do not compare my ugly face to Kathryn Bernardo's angelic face. I look like a slave beside her. >.<

tausug sablay | kai darulprincess and i costume yangdon - gretchen barreto

Much more that I looked like a beggar beside Ms. Gretchen Barreto. Gosh! Why do these people have to be so gorgeous?? T_T

The fabrics used are a different and some other details are a bit different but there really are similarities. :) Sablay are mostly worn by modern Tausugs as an attire to weddings and other functions. The attire is supposedly to have a lot of colours in it. Gold jewelry is also to be worn as accessories to the said attire.

kai darul wearing tausug attire sablay

Sorry for the bad resolution of my photos. >.< I just got them from my post here 'cause I am to lazy to upload another one! hahah
That's all for now. :) Tatah!


  1. woah cool! :) uu nga sis!!! similar nga!!! amazingggg!! <3

  2. Pretty much!! Oo nga, sis. Similar. Hahaha lapit na mging super same. :D

  3. wow! so fashionable and so pretty!!!

  4. I admire that traditions such as these are still being kept alive in your culture. I could see why Princess and I's costumes reminded you of your native attire. They definitely have similarities. :)

  5. I don't watch that teleserye pero nakikita ko commercial minsan. And absed on your photos, may pagkakahawig nga. Ano bang plot ng teleserye na yan? Sa Mindanao ba? Diba parang foreign land? Ay ewan haha Siguro inspiration nila yung sablay sa costumes :))


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