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Life Lately: Enjoying Playing Games on the Internet


It has been almost five years since I got married. I now have two lovely and lively kids. Also, I am a working mom. So, my schedule would always be jam-packed. With two kids in tow, I have to ensure that the house is well taken care of and that my tasks at work are in place. It is tough to be a working mom, but I know even stay-at-home moms are not spared. 

To make sure that everything is in the right place, I make sure that I plan my days ahead of time. And whenever I have spare time, I make sure to make that 'moment' mine. It is that time when I put my me-time. I make sure that the plans are prioritized. 

These days, whenever I have free time, I go to my computer or phone to play games. It sorts of clears my mind. I recently found an amazing website where I can play the games that I really like. It is God knows how I love playing games like I am a cashier or so. And this website has actually a cashier game, of which I have played over and over already. 

They have games both for kids and adults. But I find myself tinkering around kids' games because they help me clear my mind and be at peace. 

Grocery Cashier is actually a game for younger children. But I have been enjoying it since the day I learn about it. This game can practice kids addition and subtraction along with monetary familiarity by operating a virtual cash register.

Then, there are also games about stocks.

Stocks is an idle clicker game with a stock performance price graph where the goal of the game is to day trade or speculate on a stock to capture price increases.

It is nerve-racking to actually play this game but in a good way. You have to have fast motor skills to be able to buy and sell at preferred stock prices. 

As busy working moms, it is important that we take care of ourselves to be able to take care of our family better. And taking time to do what actually makes us feel good should not be a problem. We need our me-time. So, you do you, mommy! 

Those were some fun games I have been playing lately. I hope you find them as fun-filled as I did. 

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