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How I Plan My Holiday Staycations on a Budget

Whenever I want to unwind, a staycation is always a good idea. However, for a lot of people, it may seem luxurious, but you really need not spend so much on a well-deserved restful break. 

Especially after the pandemic, we have had enough of the four walls of our home. The beach is a perfect getaway for the dreamy staycation-er.  There are a lot of affordable yet promising resorts countrywide, just perfect to amaze us in the best way possible. Here is how I usually plan and manage my staycations on a budget.

1. Jotting My Staycation Goals

Each staycation has a different goal. I make sure I list all of the things I need and want for the my stay at a resort. This way, I will be able to look for the perfect venue to cast the tiredness away. Usually, I make sure that I have a fund for staycations as these are must-haves for a healthy mind and soul. I use to plan my finances so easily. In just a few clicks, I will know how much savings I still have left after calculating all necessary expenditures, including the fund for the staycation. Thanks to

2. Researching Resort and Taking into Consideration my Goals

There are so many resorts. However, I always have my goal in mind when I hunt for staycation resorts. The first thing is always a cozy room with a view. Otherwise, it will be a deal breaker. I also usually look for resorts with wifi just in case I need to check on things. 

You can check out wonderful resorts in the Philippines here.

3. Weekday Wonders

If you think resorts are usually pricey. Then you are right - on weekends. Try their weekday rates and you will be amazed! Also, do not, for goodness sake, book resorts on a peak season. The prices tend to skyrocket.

4. Look Beyond the Obvious Resorts

While the big-name resorts might be tempting, don't underestimate the charm of smaller, boutique options. They often offer a more intimate experience at a fraction of the cost. Yep, I say this a million times. There are great resorts that are not really famous. Look for them!

5. BYOF: Bring Your Own Feast

One of the perks of staycations is the flexibility to bring your own goodies. Pack a picnic or grab some local treats to savor in your resort oasis. It's a great way to indulge without the hefty restaurant bills. I usually bring everything I need, including my food. Because most resorts have pork in their menu. So, I do not really gamble with their restaurant food.

This post makes me wanna go on a staycation again. See yah somewhere with a cool breeze! And remember, don't ruin the budget!

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