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Why Choose Vinyl Plank Flooring For Your Home?


When it comes to the design of a room, the flooring plays a significant role in the way the space appears and feels as a whole. A well-designed floor, such as one made of hardwood, may provide harmony to the space while also contributing a touch of subtle elegance with a rustic feel.


On the other hand, high-quality hardwood flooring may sometimes be either unaffordable or impossible to purchase. The ideal solution for homeowners to solve this issue is to switch to high-end luxury flooring.

Luxury vinyl planks are waterproof

The threat of damage caused by moisture is one of the things that homeowners of hardwood floors worry about the most. Water may cause significant damage to hardwood floors in a variety of ways, from everyday activities like wet cleaning to unavoidable accidents like water spills.


Once wood has soaked up enough water, it may start to twist, rot, and eventually come apart. Since of this, everyone who comes into contact with the wood is putting their health at risk because the timber contains mold and germs.


This will never be a problem when you choose flooring made of premium vinyl planks. Having a hard core and wear layer that prevents water from penetrating, this flooring is perfect for wet environments including kitchens, baths, and utility rooms.


Hardwood floors are susceptible to a variety of defects, including chipping, scratches, and dents, in addition to problems associated with dampness and water. Hardwood floors are always supporting a large amount of weight, which increases the likelihood that damage can occur, particularly if the floor is being shifted to accommodate the placement or removal of furniture.


The continual weight of furniture and the presence of animals in the home both expose floors to a significant amount of normal wear. Luxury flooring, because of its sturdy construction with wear layers and topcoats, is impervious to the aforementioned forms of normal wear.

Ease of Setup and Assembly

The expediency with which luxury flooring may be put in place is another of that material's many attractive qualities. In contrast to hardwood floors, there is no need to seal the floor, sand it, or even grout the joints between the tiles.


Floating flooring is a straightforward installation method used with today's premium vinyl flooring options. Installing the planks on the floor is accomplished by the use of a tongue-and-groove connection method that snaps or "clicks" the planks together.


This installation technique is far simpler than the conventional glue-down procedure, which calls for the assistance of a trained professional to complete the task. Additionally, the installation process takes relatively little time and can often be completed in one or two days.

Realistic Visuals

Luxury flooring can imitate the appearance of any hardwood floor, making it hard to tell apart from the genuine thing. Earlier iterations of vinyl flooring did, in fact, have the appearance of hardwood floors but had a surface that was artificially smooth.


The comfort element of these floors is further enhanced by the realistic texture of luxury flooring. It is similar to hardwood flooring in that it has excellent shock-absorbent ( and staff in hospitals and care homes: the SAFEST systematic review - NCBI Bookshelf ( characteristics, which makes it beneficial for both the back and the knees.


Since it is made up of four layers, vinyl flooring plank flooring is very soft and pleasant to the feet. By installing specialized underlayments in between the floor planks and the rough surface that is directly underneath the floor, the flooring may be modified to be even more pleasant.

Simple to Keep Clean

Luxury vinyl planks are simple to maintain. These planks, on account of their longevity and resiliency, do not call for a great deal of additional maintenance and are able to survive the majority of the ordinary disturbances.


No floor polish or wax is needed to preserve the flooring's appearance. It is possible to clean the whole floor without having to worry about causing any harm to the floor by only using a sweep and a wet mop.


When it comes time for homeowners to choose what sort of flooring to buy here and install in their homes, the cost of the flooring is often the element that is prioritized the most highly. The premium vinyl flooring really comes into its own in this application.


Hardwood flooring is notorious for being pricey; the typical price per square foot is between $3 and $12. This does not include any of the expenditures associated with upkeep, which include regularly polishing and treating the wood. On the other hand, the price of premium vinyl flooring ranges anywhere from $2.50 to $5 per square foot.


Because of the potential for structural issues, it is highly recommended that this task be entrusted to a professional.



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