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The Importance of History in Virginia


In 1607, the first settlers of the Virginia Company landed on Jamestown Island and established the first English settlement on North American soil.  Virginia is where the current story we use to describe America as a nation began, but it’s also so much more than that.  

The history of Virginia is American history and deserves to be known by everyone who can visit.

Learn People Were Here for Thousands of Years

Fossil records show that people have lived in the area we now call Virginia for almost 20,000 years.  By the time European settlers made landfall, this land was already well used and loved by the world.  They were more than likely greeted with 'Wingapo,' meaning welcome cherished friend in the Algonquin language, and offered a chance to survive here as equals.

History shows that over time, that greeting would be regretted.  

Unfortunately, due to a lack of written history, and the displacement and eradication of indigenous people of this area, we don't get to know much of the history of what happened here in the 20,000 years between those two events.  There's a rich history here that you can feel just walking along the shorelines or in the Appalachians.

Walk Amongst People Posing as Historical Figures

While you're here, you can stop at Colonial Williamsburg.  This living historical village is full of reenactors who allow you to experience history through how the settlers might have at the end of the 1600s.  A couple of generations, famines, and fires after the first European settlers made landfall, you can learn about the history of the people who thrived and were able to push on and live their lives.  

You'll fall in love with the idyllic small-town feeling and possibly even think about looking at Roanoke houses for rent so that you’re not too far away.  

Learn That No Country Is Perfect

Although America has had dark parts in its history, from the slave trade to the treatment of indigenous people and other people who weren't white enough to the ruling class, many people don't discover the depth of all of this.  Virginia gives you the chance to see the depth of all of this, so you can see how much has changed and how much is still left to do.  Although this nation is flawed, its people still have the chance to be and do good, and that's powerful. 

The Modern History

There's more history unfolding in Virginia every single day.  Due to its proximity to Washington D.C., this state continues to be a place where history unfolds and grows and changes and where we see new incredible things happen every day.  Getting to know the history of this area can inform how you feel about the current happenings and give you a glimpse into how far we may go in the future.  

There’s Nothing As Incredible as History in Virginia

This state has such a long and winding history that no other can compete with it.  If you want to get to know it better: consider making a visit sometime soon. 

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