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Our Car Purchase Story During the Covid-19 Pandemic

When Covid-19 pandemic hit, it was hard to get out of the house, most especially if you are commuting to work or to buy groceries, etc. Our workplace is 15-20 minutes commute from our residence. Technically, we were afraid of contacting with the virus in this duration. We are all paranoid about it at home, and we thought that maybe when we own a car, commuting would be less of a frightening day-to-day activity for us. I cannot work from home because I am the head of the department and I need to authorize payments, etc on a daily basis.

And this is not an isolated case. According to the World Economic Forum, up to one-third of people in some cities have stopped using public transport because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When my office began working with a skeleton workforce, I needed to still be present daily. I had no choice. The staff was divided into groups of three and would come to the office based on their schedule (twice weekly). I, on the other hand, being the head, had to still go to the office five days a week.

So my husband and I tried to pool all of our savings and looked at cash prices of cars. We were downright disqualified, as our savings won’t allow us to do so. So, the only other option is to have it through a car loan. This will allow us to have more room for our daily expenses and be still able to buy the necessities of a car.

Two years ago, we had to calculate everything from scratch. It is a good thing that I am an accountant and my husband, a Mathematics college assistant professor. We were able to get the right figures – that which will not be hard on our income.

Here is the thing though. Fast forward to 2022, I found out that you can actually have the calculations as fast as a click of a finger. Man! Did we have to have it hard last time?!

Car Payment Calculator is a one-stop website where you can calculate almost every type of expense there is for car loans, car purchases and even fuel calculations. You can even have your operating costs calculated on the same website.

Had we known this two years ago, we would not have had to extract juice out of our brain cells. Kidding aside, the Car Payment Calculator would really be a great help especially to those whose budget are a little tighter – like us.

And although we seem to have gotten hold of CoVid-19 nowadays, its effect is still here. In fact, according to McKinsey, inflation, rising interest rates, and volatile energy prices are seen to be looming. All of these after CoVid-19 hit us hard for the last two years.

It is indeed needed more than ever that we calculate our income and expenses first before we buy something.

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