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The Lady Behind the Blog Girl

She is one of the sweetest girls in the world wide web. She is the first close friend I had in this wonderful world of blogosphere. She is none other than the Bloggirl!. She owns which happens to be more informative than most of my blogs.

She is a very good friend whom you can always count on especially when it comes to free domains. haha. :) The fact that she has given me this domain and to me is an evidence of her generosity already.

On this very special day, I would like to dedicate this blogpost to the owner of the only blog that I never forget to visit each passing day - Cei of



I wish you the purest happiness, love and joy. I hope you always have the best health and fortune. I know for the fact that you always win contests which makes you a really lucky girl. On this day, I hope that luck will even more bloom.

I may not be there on your debut but you are always here in my heart. You have been the coolest person I met in this www. I hope this friendship never fades. And I realllllyyyyy want to meet you! God bless. Happy birthday. Mabuhay ang mga Gemini! hahaha


  1. I bet sis cei had a great wonderful day!! I didn't see her online much on her birthday =D I can relate to you she is really helpful and kind ALWAYSSS!!! 1000% I mean it. I'm glad I have her as my friend too =3

  2. I really love her blog. It is very informative. It's so sweet of you to dedicate this blogpost for her ;)

  3. Srsly, I don't know what to say. Nkaka speechless to sistaar! Di ko tlga ineexpect to. Paulit ulit ko ngang binabsa ung post eh. First time in the history na may gumawa ng post especially for me. Meaning para sakin lang talaga, walang halong iba. hha Sobrang na touch talaga ako. Sobrang Thank you Thank you! Npka laking gift nito sakin sis. Love you!!!


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