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Everybody, meet my lovey dovey, Paopao. Paopao has been guiding me with everything I do. Its place is on the shelf of my study place. It knows everything I have been through. From every drop of tear to splash of redness on my cheeks, it knows em all. Pao has been my knight in shining armor whenever I feel bored. It actually plays a song when you press on his stomach. Thus, making a random day feel so awesome.

Being a Student/ Blogger/ Businesswoman/ EC Officer means that I have to be on my desk every now and then. That means, I see Paopao more often than you know. haha. Then next week, I will be taking an exam to join the college journal. I am really being a busy lady huh? Well, I hope it does good to me.

Paopao was given to me by my bestfriend, Farmin, during highschool. Well, okay! I kind of make her give this to me. haha. Talk about being mean. Why? I liked it so much especially when it plays that kiddie song when you pressed on his stomach. :D

More than that, I want to welcome my good friend in the www - Kim of I missed you dear. :)

How about you? What is your most loved stuffed toy? What instances that makes it very special to you?



  1. Paopao is cute :) I don't actually have a most loved stuffed toy because stuffed toys collect dust and it will trigger my allergies.

    Good luck to all your activities. You kinda remind me of my sister, you both love to keep yourself busy. I'm amazed on how she's able to balance everything (being a law student,girlfriend,basketball player,businesswoman,sister,daughter,). Just the thought of it makes me tired already :P
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  2. Aww. Paopao is so cute. :) Haha. I remember the stuff toy my best friend gave me, it also sings when you press its stomach. XD But she gave that to me when we weren't close yet, since it was for our exchange gift thingy in HS during Christmas. XD

  3. Awwww..ang cute ni paopao..kapangalan sila ng aspin(asong pinoy) kong si paupau. :D

    what's my most loved stuffed toy?? hmmmm... I have this giraffe stuffy name pinky and whenever I do sleep overs, I always carry her around with me.. :D there was this time where I couldn't even sleep without her. :) she was given to my by my close friend on our christmas party before. :D

  4. pao pao is really cute and if you've got paopao ive got Elmo.. haha i wanna buy cookie monster too but nah.. elmo's cool being alone.. lmao

    I think I can say that the life size elmo i've got here is special coz thats actually 1st thing I bought using my own money and not my parents'..


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