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My Long Wishlist - Shoe Edition

I am one of the people who loves shoes. If I had a million bucks, I would definitely buy all the shoes that I want. For that matter, I listed some of my most wanted shoes today.

Warning: Photospammed. haha


1. Dr. Martens Boots

Dr. Martens are so in today. Well, let's not count the more than a hundred-buck price. At least, they are of the highest quality and the vintage look is so priceless. I've always wanted these and I think Saab Magalona just rocks them!

2. Heels/MaryJanes/Pumps

THESE! I want heels and heels and heels. Profoundly because of my height, I wear heels. I am like in the middle of 5'3" and 5'4". Height really means something, you know, much more when I am with my tall cousins. Gosh! Just where did I get this height. Srsly, I really want that white polka dot in black MaryJanes.

3. Wedges/Flatforms/Clogs

Okay. I have similar reasons for this as the heels above. The difference is that wedge are so comfortable to wear! And they are not that formal. You can wear them even for a hike. Yeah! And clogs are also hot nowadays. Here and there, you see fashionable women wearing em. And I want to rock 'em too, you know.

3. Flats/Boots

Flats. I live in flats but I do not wear boots. Somehow, I think the yellow one above is so cute. ;) The black flats simply just describe me.

Hell yeah. Those were some of the shoes I wanna have. Good riddance! Each costs like $20-$50. And Dr. Martens shoes costs like more than a $100. Just how would I get them? There is an alternative somehow - the UKAYUKAY. But the sizes are just so painstakingly irritating to look for. =| I guess I'd have to look for someone to buy them for me. FOR THE LOLS!! hahaha.

Watch out for my next wishlist!!! It's gonna be a pain in the purse! haha


  1. As for me if I have a million bucks I would buy bags. HAHA. I have a lot, but it just wasn't enough! But shoes are very nice to have too. Especially the first boot shoes you showed. I really do think that Saab suits them very much too. I'm more into wedges and flats though.

  2. i love flats but i don't wear boots and heels. heheh though it looks good but i can't dare to wear them :D

  3. im shorter.. im like 5 flat so i prefer those with heels as well.:D I like the wedges and mary janes! very stylish. too bad i still dont have any money to buy anything yet. :))

  4. I love heels and wedges now. I'm also petite *wink hihi

  5. I'm not much of a heels type of person but I really love wearing wedges, though! They're easy to walk with and flats, too <3 I'm 5'4 so i'm pretty fine with my height already. Hehe.

  6. im wear only sanuk and sneakers ahaha

  7. I love shoes too but I only really wear Converse because they're comfortable and match with anything and everything; never really did get into anything else. I would fancy a pair of boots one day though! I can never find any I like and the ones I do like are mad expensive. These shoes are nice but I can't imagine wearing some of them! The heels look painful to walk in. I'm mainly a clothes person; don't care much for shoes.
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