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MSU IIT-CBAA 2011 Enrollment & The SENIORS

Warning! You will be bombarded with photos.

Enrollment started May 31 for old students at my school. I went there at 8 am and there were loads of people waiting in line already. Gladly, my classmates were all so orderly that we just collected IDs from the batch. Then, one person submitted it to the class adviser.

As expected, while in the midst of waiting, everyone is ready to have a shot. It was for kill-the time purpose which is so much help.

Then, being a good friend, I accepted the role in the Executive Council which I personally love also - PUBCOM appointee. Just to have something to help for the betterment of the college. We were tasked to take the assessment fee  collection for the college EC. It was tiring to call and write names but it was nothing because we are with friends.

It took us one whole day just waiting to be controlled. We had to go back the next day which is today for the enrollment. The nice thing is there were lesser people today than yesterday. So, yeko ar!

Truly, time can do many things. As for the seniors, it has brought us closer to each other. Now, we feel like we are more than friends - we are family.

We are like clay that is molded to be such a great artpiece. We are thankful for the bond we have. Because of this, we finally can say that through all those years, we have come together from different walks of life to be in one ground - to be a group of talented, brilliant and beautiful people. I am glad to be a part of this fabulous family.

PS: This is what I wore that day:

Hijab: Zamboanga City Barter

Shirt: Long sleeves - american apparel; Outer Shirt - Chinese product

Belt - Chinese Product

Jeans - RRJ

Shoes - Bob's


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    1. Oh I miss msu-iit. T_T and the very long lines in the registrar during enrollment. Hahahahah

    2. nice naman sis. all the pics have good vibes in them. parang ang saya ninyong lahat, super close nyo! :D your outer shirt is cute! i like the print in it. :) stylish sis. lovely!♥
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    3. Sounds like enrollment went well! Wow, it must be so exciting to be a senior! That is so awesome that you are so close with your classmates. They look like really fun, nice people. I wish my grade were like that. There are a few people I am friends with enough to think of them like family, but that definitely would not extend as far as my whole class.

      Cute outfit! :)

      It really is true; you learn something new everywhere. You should definitely visit the Grand Canyon one day! It's definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. :D

    4. Wow, good luck starting school again soon! I hope you excited (:
      You and your classmates look like you all get along. Are you happy or sad that you guys are seniors & this will be your last year together?

      Oh, your birthday is in just about a week! I hope you're excited! (;

    5. I do not heed the warning and scroll down.

      Now that picture is taken really nicely, great photography! ;) Ahhh, enrollment! :D It's really great to see that you're close with your classmates and friends, bless you. Friends are one of life's most precious assets so it's awesome to know that you treasure your friends so much.

      Wow! That's a nice outfit put together. :)

      I wish you good luck, and meanwhile I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :D
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    6. buti ka pa sis.. tapos ka nang mag enroll.. :) ako sa june 9 pa.. just after my bday.. O___o i la la love your outfit too!!! soooo cute! :)

    7. may 11 pa kami nag enroll... and thank goodness... first batch kami kaya super bilis lang ng process

    8. hassle talaga ung pag-eenroll noh? buti na lang talaga online na ung amin kaya medyo less hassle. pero na miss ko rin ung mga ganyang moments kasama barkada. ang saya kasi... lalo na ung tawanan at asaran habang naghihintay. :)

    9. you guys look soo happy :)) nakakatouch naman that you treat them not just friends but also as family.

      i like the photo where you and your friends are in the stairs.


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