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The Beauty That is Tawau, Sabah Malaysia

It was last 2008 when I was blessed enough to have taken the route to Tawau, Sabah Malaysia. It was for a 2 day visit only before we came home from our Brunei travel. We went there to visit my relatives.

Tawau is a progressive city that is still on the boom. It was like a blooming wonder that time. What more today?

I always love going to places wherein many Muslims reside for the fact that I feel more secured. Just the sound of Athan (call to prayer) from the mosque makes my heart feel secure even through catastrophe. Actually, I have been eyeing many Islamic cities that I would like to go to - Dubai, second on the list to Saudi Arabia.

Actually, you will find many interesting facts whenever you travel. That is why I love doing it. I love seeing places that will awestuck me. For this, Tawau has already did. I cannot wait until my next visit. :)

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