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Rock the School Journal

Meet Salbahis - the utterly funny school journal of MSU IIT. Actually, the official journal is called Silahis. They made a sort of parody to it in the name of Salbahis. Everything written in the said journal are nothing but pure jokes.

I have been a victim of this Salbahis. I thought it's the real one when I grabbed a copy from the guard house. Haha. Then, when I realized that it's not Silahis - damn, how can it get me? Lol! A big round of Applause to the Silahis writers and contributors for this one. ;) I am looking forward to another copy. yay!

PS: Photo by the CBAA Governor


  1. Looks like a fun read. We also have a parody version of our school journal, 'The New Blunder'. The real thing is called 'The New Builder'. It's also full of jokes and nonsense stuff but really good to read.
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  2. Haha seems pretty entertaining. Something you guys need when you're all feeling stressed with school :p Couldn't imagine my school before to have that kind of publication, though!

  3. Looking for a university has become worse now I've realised I'm probably not going to get the grades I desire because I'm failing chemistry and probably geography. I just want to go back to high school.

    I love a good parody. They are always so funny!
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  4. Di ko na naabutan itong salbahis. Hahaha wala pa ata to nung time namin jan sa iit. I Think it sounds interesting. I might ask my cousin to get one babasahin ko.. :P

  5. I think di ko na nabutan to, wala pa ata ito sa panahon nmin jan sa iit. Hahaha looks interesting though. I might ask my cousin for a copy. I think its fun to read.

    TC sis!
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