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Ready To Rock The School?

So, I've been busy these past days due to being an officer in the executive council. This is my second time to be a part of this wonderful set officers but this time, I'm gonna be rocking them. :D I was not that enthusiastic during the first time of being an officer. Probably because I do not know most of the  officers. This time is different.

Above is the photo of the CBAA Executive Council's online magazine which I have been working on since yesterday. It's so fun because I can share my knowledge to the EC people. They are outright happy to have the website/online magazine. I had fun making it too. :)

We had our first Joint Planning of different organizations for the First Semester yesterday. It was a blast. We were able to come up with super plans. I have learned so much out of the program too. It's like learning how to handle business already. It is really helpful.

Btw, after the program, we went to Jollibee. We had not thought about it but it did us some good. We were able to talk about things that matters. Lol!!! We were able to get the juice out of everyone in the photo above like who is your crush in the batch? and more. Everybody answered with great awesomeness. Jollibee was really hyped up that time. Haha! Talk about overstaying. Hell, it was really ecstatic.

I think, it made us more bonded. I am hoping to a great sem with them. I guess I am posting more about school nowadays huh? :)


  1. nice sis! I love making websites for student orgs as well. :) Nsheshare natin sa kanila angaddiction natin sa html and codes! lols.^^ I like the pic, you seem to be closer now. Thjat's really good! Sabi nga sakin dati ng commandant namin, sa pagkain daw nabubuo ang friendship, and I guess what happened in your lunch "meeting" or talk made you even bonded! That's great to know sis! :)
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  2. I miss being at school because of this. I want to join organizations and clubs again, staying at school late because of meeting, etc. I hope you're enjoying your company with them. And that's nice of you to make a website for your organization. I bet the other org are envious! :)
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  3. Wow nice website for the org. Hehe I remembered the yellow color. My bestfriend was from CBA before. :D Dati sa jobe lang din palaging pinupuntahan namin. And chowking too, kasi malapit lang sa school. :D


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