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Bohemian Princess

When you wear hijab, you are bound to face some things that you cannot really do. For example, hijabis cannot do hairstyles but we do have hijab styles.

Everyone know that I am a crazy fashion lover. That is why I am looking for ways to cope with fashion within the scope of modesty. For that, I congratulate myself. =)

Though many people look at me when I wear something they never thought I will, I never take their criticisms. For now, I am showing you my Bohemian Princess Hijabi Version. I am loving this look because it is fresh and makes anyone look great and classy.

And oh. I am not wearing any makeup in the photos above. It's just my bare face.

What do you think? Do I look good in this?


  1. w0w y0u l0ok arabian here....
    all the ph0tos is s0 cute and l0vable hehhe....
    beautiful face sis....

  2. I've always wanted to try on a hijab. They look really cute, no matter what design. :D

    I'm also a fashion lover. I usually get my trends from Japan, even though I'm from the Philippines. lol. x)

    You're not wearing makeup? It looks like you are! Especially your lips. They're shiny! XD
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  3. yeah. i sort of edited the photo and used camera flash. maybe that's the reason behind my shiny lips and looking like i put makeup on. :))
    you got a fashion lover here too. :)
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  4. I think you look great. Just like ANTM's latest cycle when they had this photoshoot in Morocco.
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  5. Sis, you're beautiful! *_* Your modesty doesn't make you less shiny. Also, a hijab isn't less fashionable than hair in my view; it can actually be used with more accessories than hair, because hair can't change color and pattern everyday, while hijab can. :) It's very cute, and I like the fact that it gives more emphasis on the eyes, of a person rather than the remainder of the head. Eyes truly reflect a person's soul. ^-^

    I love your style here sis, you look like a Disney princess! ^.^

    ~ Luana S.


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