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Fashionably Gorgeous Hair

Girls are people who can spend hours in front of the mirror just to attain the fashionably gorgeous status. I speak for myself. I do anything that makes my skin look brilliant and makes me look more gorgeous.  We cannot deny the fact that, no matter what religion or race you are into, there are aspects that we need to have to make us one of those lovely ladies.

Many girls have problems with their hair. Well, even though I wear hijab, I still have bad hair days. I make sure that before I cover my hair, I used Blow Dryers on it to prevent headache. Blow dryers also help in making your hair shiny all day long.

Another very helpful tool for the ladies, even men, are the Flat Irons. They are exquisite especially for those who have wavy hair and wants a straight hair for a couple of hours. It works simply like magic. Lastly, for those who have straight hairs and want curls, a magic tool are the Curling Irons.

You may look for something you do not have. For example, girls with straight long hair want curls. On the other hand, girls with curls and wavy hair want straight. There is always a perfect tool for everyone's cravings. You just have to have it. :)


  1. so true... but on my part, i like the way my hair is -- without any touch of these things mentioned, because first of all, i dunno exactly how to use these things (haha, sorry). second, i afraid it could damage my hair (paranoid much?)

  2. I have those three. I agree that hair are very important, not only for the girls though, but also for the guys! :)
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  3. I agree. Good thing, there's a new innovation that has all 3 of those equipments in one. Thanks to technology. I think I've seen it on Home TV Shopping a few days ago. I just forgot what it's called. ^_^
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