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Party Out

June 24, 2011 - the College of Business Administration and Accountancy of MSU - Iligan Institute of Technology conducted the annual General Assembly and Acquaintance Party. I blogged about the EC officers' preparations for the said event in here. Finally, the event pushed through successfully yesterday. There may be lapses but everything was compensated with the flow of the program and the decorations. Not to mention that people have been very cooperative.

If you happen to be wondering what I wore to the event, I reused some of my clothes. Haha. Well, I do not have the money to buy an outfit for just a night. You've seen every piece I used that night in my other posts. :D However, the new thing is how I did my makeup. It was a mixture of teal and violet which, of course, matched my outfit.

I did my hijab like the Hana Tajima famous hijab style because it is very formal and posh. I personally think that when you use a silk hijab, the Hana Tajima style is a must. :) It will add up to the elegance of your attire.

Btw, the event was two-thumbs up. The games were really fun especially that Bring Me The Hottest Gay part. Hahah. Of course, my batchmate won in that bring me. :D

I wanted to update about the event badly last night but I could not do so because I don't have any photos with me. Guess what? I did not bring any camera to the party. It was a good idea. I had fun without having to click the camera every now and then. haha. Photos in this post are of my friend's (Kate Darlin) property but I edited them and added my watermark because there may be some people who will use the photos and make it as their own. I am disclosing my friend because she owns them. I am disclosing myself because I am in the photos. That's all. (This is for our photos' safety. lols)

PS:  Fan me and hype my photos on lookbook, will ya? I will fan back, don't you worry.


  1. That hijab is eye-catching. I might as well show this to my sister, if you don't mind. :)

    Glad you had fun at the party. Its my first time to hear about that game you just mentioned though.
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  2. sure sis. i dont mind at all. :)

    the game was so fun. haha. people even carry with them the object/person looked for. :D :D
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  3. wow sis.. this is sooo cool! :) I love your outfit and your makeup! :) Speaking of acquaintance party, we'll be having our AP on July 23. yeeeey! I'm so excited! :D
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  4. Great outfit you've put together. I also love the color of your eye makeup. You really pulled it off. ^_^
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  5. I really find your blog informative. Before, I have no idea what does hijab mean. Now, I do. :) thanks!
    btw, nice outfit. :) I hope I also know how to put a nice make up on my face. lol
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  6. You look so pretty sissy. I missed those acquaintance party we had before in iit. hehehe nice hijab sis. I'm a catholic but I've always wanted to wear a hijab. hahaha

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