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Latest Buys

Uhuh! Every now and then this week, I hear ka-chings. Money does not even spend the whole night with me. Gosh! I have to stop this madness already. I've been buying a lot of things lately but I will post just some here, I mean just three.

Number one on the list is my 88-palette eyeshadow from StellaJezebelle. It is really a good deal since I was able to buy it for only Php650. How cool is that? Anyway, if you are planning to get yours, you might wanna check out They offer the lowest prices for quality cosmetics. :)

I received this one yesterday. And I was all excited to try it. So, I did today. I tried smokey eyes. And I wore the look to school. Haha! I think, people there get accustomed to my way of dressing already since they do not bother anymore. I like it! :) I can't wait to use this for the upcoming acquaintance party at my college.

Next, I bought a set of Paganini brush which is really cheap and of good quality too. I use it often now. I wanted to buy Sigma Professional brushes but I cannot really afford to give my yes to the price. hahah. It's tooooooooo expensive.

Lastly, this is the latest addition to my shoes - pair of wedge. It is a five-inch wedge. That makes me 5'8" when I wear these loves. haha.

This afternoon, my bestfriend Sol, accompanied me to Shelves and Hangers in the center of Iligan City to buy these loves. Actually, I was about to buy clogs but Sol insisted that I should buy this one. :) And it was a good idea. haha. I get more height from these which is really a good thing. Yay!

If you have been wondering where I get the money I used to buy all of these, I used my earnings. Surely, this is why I love blogging. It brings me a lot of blessings, opportunities, knowledge and great friends. I have bought so many things with my online earnings alone.

Moving on to the topic, I am gonna use this new love to the General Assembly and Acquaintance Party at my school. Yay! I have been practicing how to wear such shoe since I have not worn anything more than 3 inches. tsktsk. Good luck to me! ahaha

I am so happy with my latest buys. I am ready to use them already. Yay! :))


  1. sana sakin ka bumili sis. waaaaaaaa :]] o bili ka nlng ulit? :P
    i love your 88 palette! i bookmarked bhcosmetics too!

  2. i love it! it's really cute especially the 88 palette! :))
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  3. I checked out BHCosmetics before as well./ They really offer cheap make-ups. But I'm not sure if the quality is nice. Do make a review about it! :)

  4. Oh wow, Ayah! Looks like you are really enjoying your new buys! hehe. Man, I don't know if I will ever wear 5 inch heels. Not just because I need to learn how to walk in heels, but mostly because my boyfriend is too short for me to wear heels, lol! He is only like 2 inches taller than me so I would feel a bit awkward being inches taller than him! haha

    You know how you said you bought all these nice things from your blog earnings? You inspired me to try to get blog earnings myself and use my own money to buy something nice. Thank you :)
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  5. Wow! Cute wedges! I love it. I hope you can also make a review about your new cosmetics.

  6. wow sis share ka naman ng mga ways pano ka kumikita online :) i have online earnings to but i'm saving them for future purposes :)
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  7. I lovee that palette! I also have that, but bought it at BH :) BH really does have cheap but excellent quality make up. :) Cute shoes. :D

  8. I lovee that palette! it is very beautiful

  9. thanks for this post, i was looking for a quality make-up that's very affordable. I'm planning on buying one from Thanks much!
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