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Busyyy Bee


I have been blabbing about being busy at school. And yes, I am not joking. This afternoon, the Publication Committee together with the Student Welfare and Services Committee did some chores at my house for the upcoming CBAA General Assembly and Acquaintance Party this June 24 at MSU IIT Gymnasium. If you happen to be a student in the college, you should go unless you would want to do a community service. haha!

The PubCom (us) made some of the backup decorations since we have the main theme organized by an event company  already.  The SWASCom did some information dissemination by texting one by one the CBAA students which of course is a pain on their part. Since. we are so much of a good servants, we did the whole thing with much happiness. CHAR! haha

It was so nice to spend an afternoon with my classmates slash EC officers. At least, it is not boring. haha. I've had my creativity test as well. lols. I had to make flowers out of crepe paper. And guess what? They look just as gorgeous as me. loooooool! Thanks to Larry who served as the main designer. Then, I and Angie were just backups. (At least, we have less work than him. haha). Thanks to dearest Governor, Sittie for the food and photos too. =)

PS: Did you notice? Most of the officers were boys? Well, JPIA got the most of the girls. So, we are like muses. hahaha. Just for the lulz guys.


PPS: I love the simplicity of my blog at the moment. haha

PPPS: this is the last one. promise. If you haven't seen the video below, WATCH IT! That's one of a kind proposal and wedding at the same time. It got into me. :)


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  1. sana may pictures din yung mga flowers that you made :)

    yeah, i noticed that too - too many guys. haha. and i thought konti lang ang mga guys sa college ninyo :)


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