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Modest TV Fashions

Sometimes it seems like every time you turn on the television, you find yourself confronted with sexy images of scantily clad men and women. Shows like Dancing with the Stars showcase celebrities wearing as little clothing as possible, while some reality programs show the stars stripping down. Even a show about the medical field, like Gray's Anatomy, spend more time showing actors in relatively little clothing than showing those same actors in lab coats and hospital garb. Before you turn off your television for good, take a look at some of the top shows that still believe in modesty.

Mad Men 

The 1960s were a very different time in terms of fashion, and that great sense of style sits front and center on the TV show Mad Men. In one of the early episodes, the lead character Joan tells another woman in the office that she should wear clothing that shows off her ankles. The clothing makes the women look curvy and sexy without baring too much. Even the men on the show manage to look daper at all times. The male actors often wear classically tailored Brooks Brothers suits with handkerchiefs and polished shoes. The looks may have you wondering why men don't dress like that more often.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 

You might not think that a television show that deals with sex crimes would have a modestly dressed cast, but Law & Order: Special Victims Unit focuses more on the stories than the clothing. The lead character, Olivia Benson, often wears long pants and shirts that button up. The male characters are just as well dressed. Detective Munch seldom appears on screen without a suit, and even the Captain of the squad wears pressed shirts and pants in every episode.


If you want to teach your kids that dressing less sexy is still cool, you might turn the channel to the hit FOX television show Glee. While some of the female characters don cheerleading uniforms and low-cut shirts, many of the cast members wear clothing that leaves something to the imagination. Rachel often pairs knee socks with knee-length skirts, and Tina typically wears skirts and tee shirts. The guys on the show might wear stylish clothing, but the outfits are completely appropriate for teens. Even the teachers on the show dress well, wearing prim skirts and vests over shirts. Glee and the other shows prove that you don't need to dress sexy.

You don't have to dress immodestly to be fashionable, and several of the latest and most popular TV shows suggest so.  So if you are looking for a few great new items to fill your wardrobe with, consider giving the wardrobe of one of the aforementioned shows a try.


  1. love watching glee but haven't tried the mad men.. ;)

  2. weee..gusto ko yung the great gatsby na sinend mo saakin sis :)
    pero gusto ko rin panoorin yang mad men. <3

  3. ang sipag mo sis manood and look for a great style inspired from these shows, in my case everytime I watch ang lagi ko lang inaabangan yung story lol never cared about their fashion pero now I realized yung mga pinapanood ko mga season nagbabago yung look ng mga character lol! nice post sis!

  4. glee! it shows that you can be someone without having to bare your skin.. just be yourself! :D

  5. I'm obsessed with Emma's wardrobe in Glee. Imo she's a lot more fashionable than most of the younger girls in the show! her style is always very prim, proper and girly :)


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