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4U2 Dreamgirl Emotion Eyebrow Pencil Review

Let it be known that I thought this eyebrow pencil was an eyeliner when I bought it. I asked the saleslady at Watson for an eyeliner, and they gave me this. I was in a hurry that time and was not able to check if the product was correct. When I got home from Cagayan de Oro, I was shocked to see that it was an eyebrow pencil. T_T

Lesson learned. Do not buy things when you are in a hurry. You may end up with the wrong product.

I love pink. And the packaging just serves me right. Even the container of the pencil is very lovely. I personally like how 4u2 designed this product.


  • Eyebrow pencil is pigmented.

  • The texture is very smooth and glides on effortlessly.

  • Does not smudge and no fall-out at all.

  • Great staying power.

  • No need to sharpen. It is ready to use.


  • Can't be used as eyeliner coz it kinda stings.

  • If too hot, the liner in the container can melt and break easily. T_T

Without flash:


With flash:

Nevertheless, this is a great product. If you do your brows, this is perfect for you. Guess I have to buy another eyeliner.


  1. YAY! happened to me once too. But I didn't ask anybody, I didn't read at all. I just thought it was the lotion that I wanted since it did look like it. I ended up gettin a body cleanser O_O
    Anyway, I've been reading a lot of review about 4U2 products, I wonder where can I get it here? that looks very pigmented sis! great review <3

  2. ouch that sucks. and the color is even black >.< im not sure if there are girls (but maybe only a few of them) uses black eyebrow pens.


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