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Breast Cancer

I don't know what to say. I've been so busy this past few days due to my mom's general check-up and all. Yesterday, we got the results to her biopsy, then the result says that there is a some kind of malignant tumor in her breast which is specifically cancerous. It made me so sad and hurt upon seeing my mother so down knowing that she has cancer. :( My dad died from cancer too.

Please help me pray for my mom's recovery. I know we can survive this catastrophe. We will do anything it takes to cure her. This is a trial for the both of us. And I am wishing, hoping and praying that we make it through this. My mom is the only one I have now. I don't want to see her so down. It feels damn bad to see her cry.

I won't be that enthusiast with blogging for now. I will make sure that I take care of her. I want to be by her side this time. I hope everyone will help me pray for her. I love her so much (more than anything else in the world). She has always been my angel. And I want to be an angel for her.

Thanks to my friends who are always there for me specially yesterday when I needed them most. I love you guys. Thank you so much. To my blogging friends, I will keep up with you.



  1. aww don't worry I'll pray for your mom. Don't worry, she'll be healed :)

    Just be by her side always :)

    Oh and don't forget to have a regular check up as well :)


  2. Oh! I am so sorry... I'll pray for your mom too! Be sure.

    I know she will recovery, and I am sorry to know about your father... It was sad...

    But I'll pray for you, your mom, and your family. You have to be strong!

    This is a trial, as you said... Everything will be fine.

    Good luck, Love, Kisses.


  3. aww sis.

    magpray ako para kan mama mu.,.

    be strong.

    always pray to Allah.



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