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Boost Your Site's Traffic

We all know that we want a higher traffic for our sites. Higher traffic means that you will get a higher page rank in google. Pagerank is what every blogger wants to be achieved by his or her blog to have more opportunities in the blogosphere especially for those who are working online to earn a living (perhaps).

To gain more traffic, you may need time, effort, and patience. Follow these simple steps I made so that you will be able to achieve a higher traffic.

  1. * Submit your site to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Technorati, Digg, Alexa and many more.   You can find the list of the search engines you can submit to here.

  2. * Submit your site to web directory listings available in the web such as blogarama, dmoz, nerdlistings, and many more.

  3. * If you are a fan of something, you can also join as many fanlistings as you want. The more pages your link can be found, the larger the probability you will have higher traffic.

  4. * Join rotations such as iplush and many more.

  5. * After submitting to those sites, you must always write posts with sense to attract more readers. It is always a must for every blogger to write posts that is of use nowadays.

  6. * Let your readers comment in your blog by posting relevant issues and leaving their minds with questions or answers to your posts.

  7. * Be friendly to your readers by reading their comments and taking your side on their opinions.

  8. * Get affiliated. :) Learn to exchange links with other bloggers. One way to achieve many readers is by simply being friendly to fellow bloggers.

  9. * Enjoy blogging. This is always a must to every blogger. It is not the rank that matters most but the fun you put yourself into while blogging. =)

There you have it. Those are simple steps I did with this site. After one and a half month, I now have pR3. How was that made possible? I simply abide by the rules of blogging: being friendly and always enjoying my blogging life.

I hope I have helped you somehow. Take care blogger.


  1. nice tips! susundan ko to, slmat sis :*

  2. thanks for the tips sis. :D i'm already doing it. :)

  3. thanks for sharing these sis! I agree w/ them a lot :D hehe. and it really takes a lot of hardwork to gain traffic!!>_>

  4. Kai, i signed up for sisterswhoblog. is it okey to sign up even if am not islam? pending pa naman but i am just curious. though hijab interests me and i wanna have lots and lots of scarves but still didn't find the right occasion to wear them. ^^
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  5. thanks for sharing...

  6. idk te. usually, its for Muslims kasi. hehe.

  7. Great post! Very informative, especially to new bloggers who would like to monetize their blogs. :)

  8. Wow, PR3 in 1.5 months is quite a feat! Congrats!


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