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The Wicked Days I had

Howdy people. It's been a while when I wrote a decent post in here. Anyhow, I have been busy this past few days. What kept me  busy? Well, let's say I've been going to Mall of Asia to enjoy the 3-day sale they had. :)

I bought several items. I got two bags and a luggage. Yay! I also bought several shirts and blouses. Thanks to my cousin who sponsored my shopping. I love you! Anyhow, I am now abash to go to MOA for the fact that I've been going there two consecutive days. Bahah! It was a total shame.

I've been wanting to go to SM San Lazaro but my cousins (other than my sponsors :D ) would not want to go there because it's not that safe to go there accordingly. Lols. They are such a wackooooo!

And oh, I've been hooked to Britney's music again. I am so loving the old Britney music. Pop is really way too cool. I have all her albums in my laptop. I've been playing simultaneously her songs way back when she was still making pop music. I can still remember how fanatic I was with her. Who wouldn't? I remember, I had this notebook wherein I put all the lyrics of her songs. And I can still remember every word of the songs. It is really funny to know every wordings in the song.

My favorite Britney songs are:

  1. From the Bottom of My Broken Heart

  2. Sometimes

  3. Born To Make Me Happy

  4. I will be There

  5. I will Still Love You

  6. Email My Heart

Could you just imagine how fast the days have gone by? It seems like it was just yesterday when I was singing to her songs. Now, I do not even know the title of her new songs. Lols. :D How about you? What is your favorite Britney song (if you like her)?

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