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Got a Package

Last April 18, I received a package from Ms. Earth of It was a Starbucks Planner. Okay. Is it a little bit 3 months late for this year? Bahah! But it was okaaaaay. Then, my cousin and I went to MOA to purchase lotsa bags since I am throwing out the bag I was using. I already put it to the trash. :D Yay!

I am so lucky to have bought 3 bags in a row. Haaaaaiii. This is why I always don't have money. I waste it on my wants. Baaaah. I saw these cute figlia shoes and a Terranova pants but I don't have money anymore. SAD! :(


  1. wow.. you love collecting din pala bags sis. hehehe..same lng tayo.. :) naku gustong gusto ko din talaga magkaroon ng STRABUCKS planner! hehehe.. lalo na yung kasama nung Belle de Jour na planner. hehehehhe..:)
    .-= RHEA´s last blog ..Baby’s here! =-.

  2. -- wepee ~ 3 bags just a wohoo! you really love bags ey ? i like bags too, though some of my bags are just a "harbor" to my friends. hihi :D and all my bags are backpacks, i don't use shoulderbags, i just don't know why ? LOLs, Im shy when it somes of using it. err ! when will i learn ? hehe XD

  3. same here siz! nauubos money ko sa mga gusto ko x( tapos pag may nagustuhan ako, wala na..waleyy nako money.

    ganda nung planner. simple lang :D

  4. wow nice planner! :) shopping talaga is a very nice thing and buying bags nice thing din for us. :)) ang problem lang ang funds talaga. ever! :P
    .-= Clarice´s last blog ..WELCOME! =-.

  5. Hi, I'm visiting other people hosted at SupahStar so I thought I'd drop by and leave you a comment :)

    Haha wow, 3 bags in a row. I'm addicted to bags too, but I'm usually outta cash from buying too much so I try to stop my buying craze and once I force myself not to buy it's easier not to buy anything at all, haha :P

  6. is that a prize for a contest? (:
    u love bags? me ? i am collecting pouch nmn.. so cute.. (: i now have 6.. haha.. (:
    .-= eriq´s last blog ..current addiction.. (: =-.

  7. it's good to know you can buy your wants. Okay lang yan, ipon nlang ulit. haha! (:
    .-= anne´s last blog ..Help Me Understand =-.


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