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3 Benefits of Ankle Holsters

Those who carry a concealed firearm often find themselves in a predicament when it comes to selecting a method of concealment. There are many different types of holsters available, after all, but not every one of them will suit your lifestyle or apparel. Consider a few reasons an ankle holster may be a good option for you.

1. Accessibility 

One key advantage of storing your gun using an ankle holster is that you can reach your gun quickly. As long as you are able to comfortably bend forward, you can simply pull up your pant leg and have your firearm in hand in a flash. This may be preferable to storing your weapon in a purse, backpack, or car compartment.

2. Comfort

Concealed carry ankle holsters may also be more comfortable than waistband holsters. With the former,  you don't have to remove your firearm when sitting down or doing an activity. 

Ankle holsters also come in various styles, allowing you to select the one that best suits you. For instance, some ankle holsters are relatively tall, attaching to your whole calf. This option may feel especially secure and can hold an extra magazine. If you prefer a lighter holster, there are shorter options, as well as styles that feature a simple strap on the upper calf for added security.

3. Safety

Finally, ankle holsters help those who conceal and carry to prevent unintentional firearm-related injuries. When the pant leg is lowered, a gun of the proper size is well hidden and not easily reached by another person. Additionally, by keeping your firearm firmly strapped to your leg, you know where your weapon is and have complete control of it at all times.

With an ankle holster, you can confidently and comfortably conceal and carry in various environments. Consider ordering a style you love today!

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